Some would say there is a circle reserved in hell for people who attempt to deface the work of Sir Elton John. Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes, however, have never been a duo to conform to public consensus. Following on from their blistering album ‘Soft Universe’ for Ministry of Sound, the daring duo embrace John’s underrated ‘Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters’ in a bid to unite their electronic stylings with an undeniable pop icon.

Treading respectfully over the originals instantly recognisable top line, Pnau turn this nostalgic ballad into a fresh-faced injection of euphorically charged Electronica. Ornamented with uplifting synth play and an infectious array of instrumental leads, their controversial turn is an ultimately satisfying and uniquely tailored tribute to the more emotive realms of 1970’s pop. With Pete Tong voicing his approval amid of his weekly Essential Selection radio shows, ‘Good Moorning to the Night’ is proving an instant classic across the board.

‘Good Morning To The Night’ is released on June 25.

Official teaser

Words by Dan Carter

5 Comments to “Preview: Elton vs. Pnau – Good Morning To The Night”

  • What a wonderful and underrated tune :)

  • sjukt bra!

  • fan vad skön melody och låt !

  • Lite väl dansband på refrängen, men klart helskön ljudbild. Pnau sviker inte!

  • i love it !

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