Double-Dutch collaborators Rene Kuppens and Dyro may have made their names on the merits of their previous solo exploits, but against the backdrop of Hardwell’s explosive Ultra Music Festival outing in Miami, the emergence of forthcoming Revealed outing ‘Raid’ is sure to stir things up. Hitting #4 on the night edition of the DMC World Miami Buzz Chart, this adrenaline-fuelled romp of brisk and gritty Progressive stylings marks a formidable venture for two already dignified newcomers on the European House scene.

Pitching enigmatic synth leads against a low-end romp of ferocious riffs and wobbles, this pedantic outing makes for one of the more promising collaborative endeavours to emerge from Holland this year. Proving an ultimately successful contender at Miami’s largest Electronic showcase to date, ‘Raid’ promises to blow the roof off of the underground credentials currently associated with these unfathomable Dutch producers.

‘Raid’ is released on April 30th via Revealed Recordings.

Dyro & Rene Kuppens – Raid

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Words by Dan Carter

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