It is no secret that Tim Bergling has bridged some pretty significant gaps between pop music and floor-filling club cuts. Amid his appearance at this years Ultra Music Festival, however, a nod of approval from a certain pop diva better known as Madonna gave his forthcoming remix of her recent single ‘Girl Gone Wild’ a rather momentous inauguration to the limelight. Fusing his vivacious melodic knack alongside Madonna’s unmistakable vocal assets, Avicii’s cut of this modern chart-raker drives even deeper into these two once contrasting genre’s ongoing allegiance with the darker stylings more commonly attributed to his Tim Berg moniker. Transitioning from grinding lead play to scattered synth hale with familiar haste, this is another offering sure to earn the young Swede some more stripes amid his ascent to European Dance superstar.

More info on the official release as we get it.

Update: Official video added

Words by Dan Carter

49 Comments to “Preview: Madonna vs. Avicii – Girl Gone Wild (UMF Mix)”

  • Its sooooo fat!

  • Avicii is sounding all same now. I loved him when nobody knew him, but now he’s getting boring, i guess?

  • Its soo fat!

  • facepalm avicii

  • how is this ANY good? seriously? what has happened to avicii?

  • This track is absolutely fantastic.

  • Why don’t you guys just face it.. he’s gone pretty much commercial all through, let him do his thing, his main-fans are commercial fans listening to the radio, he has gone so big through this. But honestly, how can this be surprising to you? I mean, levels, wasn’t that one commercial aswell? I don’t see the big difference. It’s the same type of sound to me, the same type of hooky vocals.. It’s the same radiomusic!

  • I’m sorry but Kim Fai murdered Tim on the remix.

  • is there a release date?

  • its all about the money and the fame, thats it. cash is king.

  • I love it. I’m not a fan of all of his recent releases, but he’s still got it.

    I’m amazed that Madonna is actually up on stage with him. His rise to fame has been quite quick.

  • actually this has a really catchy phat melody, nice chords as well…just dont like that he still uses ”slowdowns” still, it is so overused at the moment..Other than that it sounds great..It feels so unreal that avicii has grown so big, im the same age as him and live in the same city as him and had a lot of friends that went in the same class as him in highschool..And now he is rocking there with madonna :P

    He and the other swedes sure inspire me and a lot of other swedish producers to keep going =)

    and that guy saying kim fais remix was better..*facepalm*

  • Fuck you haters. You wouldn’t know good house if it slapped you in the face. Everyone always throws out the commercial comment shit. Maybe you just think its commercial because people other the club goers are actually starting to become interested in house music and there is a demand for house music in America. You should be grateful the movement is spreading in the first place. In a few years or even months house music will dominating the charts all over the world. Stop hating and just enjoy the music. The track is sick by the way. I really like how Avicii’s sound is developing.

  • wtf awsome

  • Really predictable….just a lame track!
    Avicii has so many bombs on the way but this just sucks!

  • @Victor You like how his sound is developing? You mind updating me on exactly how his sound has developed? I have nothing against Tim, him and Ash are fantastic and his rise to where he is today is unreal. But the fact that his sound has developed.. nah, can’t agree with you there.

  • @oij He has gone from a minimal piano stab sort of house music to developing his own style and pioneering several unique sounds. Rather than sticking to one style, he has developed a rich and diversified portfolio of releases. You cannot go from his tracks Even, to Snus, to My Feelings For You, to Sweet Dreams, to Levels and say that his sound hasn’t developed over time. In many cases, Avicii has single handedly created new styles of progressive house and continues to do so today.

  • Avicii, it’s all about money.

  • …Pop music ..

  • Love it. 2012 Summer Anthem

  • i love this! this is much less commercial than some of his latest tracks, don’t judge this track just because you’re not pleased with his other tracks. the melody is fat and finally he’s bringing back the darker sound which he showed in swede dreams and i hope he’ll continue on the same trail! it’s satisfying to see that he really tried this time, it’s obvious that he spent way more time on this one than his other ”3-hour-made” tracks and I guarantee that this will be huge 2012.
    if i’m wrong and this is commercial then i have to start listening to radio…

  • Totally loving this. Great vibe :)

  • So fat

  • Maybe it is not Avicii that has gone commercial, maybe it is commercial that has turned to Avicii. Ever considered that fact?

    I fully agree with Victor. Avicii has created a whole new style of progressive house that inspires millions of bedroom producers daily. You can not argue with that.

  • AHAHAH House Music have become Pop shit…
    And Besides, this is boring as hell

  • This was also a letdown like ”last dance”… Cmon Tim, I know you can do much better!

  • någon mer än jag som får Aqua – roses are red vibbar av melodin

    säger som i en gammal reklam film
    -Avicii är inte house. det är pop

    pinsamt att stå med en 55 åring som gör allt för att hålla sig kvar i musik branchen

  • whats happening to Avicii </3

  • What happening to Avicii? $ellout, plain and simple. He can join Afrojack at the grammys for best pop artist of 2012 nominations.

  • I’d say, also release a dub version :)

  • this actually happened to Eric Prydz as well, ny God imo Calling was a disaster for the community.

  • *Making a post about about Avicii going commercial – feeling all cool and underground afterwards.*

  • Since when was Avicii so different? It’s only been like 2 1/2 years since his music started hitting other DJ’s sets. Quit acting like a bunch of hipsters. Listen to the live version of this with some nice speakers and tell me that this track isn’t a club rocker. Quit being like music critiques and shit and enjoy the music for what it is.

  • @Mike – ”Happened to Eric Prydz as well”? WTF are you talking about? Just to mention EP on this matter is no far off that it proves that you have no idea what you are talking about. EP is from another solar system compared to Avicii. If Eric wanted to sell out, he would have done so a long time ago. Instead he stays true to what real progressive house is all about. Avicii and his money hungry manager produce music for kids that change their style of music as often as I change underwear (that’s once a day if anybody is wondering…). He is nothing but the flavour of the day and to call this crap progressive house is a far beyond any reason.

    And to all the others here who have opinions about people who criticise, go play somewhere else. Music is highly subjective, you either like something or you don’t. Everybody is entitled to their opinion without having to be called a hipster or a hater. That’s what it all comes down to these days, calling each other names and putting people in categories. F*** that…

  • ALDO word

  • Quote from Eric himself: Avicii’s great… if you’re in kindergarden!

  • +1000 Aldo

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  • Wow massive hate for my comment it came out the wrong way lol. I was strictly isolating this to when Eric released call on me (I wrote calling in error). It was embarrassing was it not? I was saying call on me was a disaster. I am a huge EP supporter always have been. And to those that are hating on people hating on producers going mainstream, come on. To be honest, do you want everyone any their mother listening to the same tracks you are? Hear them in movies and commercials probably not.? Not happy with Afrojack and not happy with Avicii, nevemind SHM (which Eric was almost a part of).

  • Here we go again with the ”hate”. Jesus man, relax and face the fact that it is just a matter of different opinions. Anyway, I assumed you meant ‘Call on me’ and that ”Calling” was merely a matter of mixing up titles, it can happen to anybody. However, EP has walked through deserts and climbed mountains to distance homself from that track. Have you ever actually heard hom play it?! I take it the answer is probably no…

    Regardless, in my OPINION (that is the sum of my subjective beliefs resulting in an interpretation of facts or emotional state in case you are unsure), I think that the music Avicii (along with the likes of Guetta, Afrojack and more) produces is absolutely crap and that he represents the very degeneration of true house music. But hey, what do I know, I’m a ”hater” right…?!

  • @ ALDO

    Maybe I am a poor writer but I am in total agreement with you lol. I guess this was a misunderstanding. I was only mentioning EP to make the point that it can happen to anyone. I’m not mad or anything I was just trying to express my opinion on house moving mainstream. To me mainstream is bad to me bc that means house music has to appeal to the same listeners of commercial pop. I believe every Producer is lured by the mainstream but some cannot resist. You are not a hater lol, I was refering to ”victors” post, he talked about saying people who hate on mainstream house are blah blah.

  • Haters gonna hate. He’s 22 and he’s better than a lot of your favorite DJs. Face it! The best part is he’s just getting started.

    If you hear the original track by Madonna, it’s good, but it’s not something that will get you off your seat and onto the dancefloor.

    THIS remix, however, will have you dancing till breakfast ;)

  • THIS TRACK IS MAAAAAAAAASIVE! _|_ all the gay haters!

  • cut him some slack,

    If you’re thinking business. This might be a pretty good move to put his name on a totally different target audience. I think he knows what he’s doing..

    Besides, it’s not that bad :)

  • Great track, glad they are speeding previews up faster. Hope the track wont be that fast BPM still.

  • Pop mu$ic. Face it!

  • Dam di da di da,
    Dum di da di da,
    Dam di da di da,

    Roses are red…

    Aqua – Roses Are Red.

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