The analogy goes that DJs are the modern age rock stars. Having already ticked the queen of pop Madonna off of his remix duties for 2012, Avicii reinstates this universal concept by taking on the American master of stadium-proof rock anthems Lenny Kravitz and his ‘Superlove’ single. Premiered during the grandeur of his enigmatic UMF set in Miami, Tim Bergling sets out to prove that amid the hype there are still some surprising avenues for his genre to poke at.

Bringing a typical soundest of melodic play closely associated with his rise to the ranks of European Dance enigma, Bergling’s solid lead play rings throughout this thorough yet seemingly inoffensive endeavour into the realms of commercial rock. Some may still be bitter about the bigger picture now ahead of Electronic Dance Music, but as Avicii’s ongoing studio endeavours prove, the world is now the stage for a genre that once remained confined to the club floor.

Released on May 29 via Le7els and Big Beat Records.

Official preview

Ultra Music Festival footage

Words by Dan Carter

68 Comments to “Preview: Avicii vs. Lenny Kravitz – Superlove [Le7els / Big Beat]”

  • Så jääävla bra



  • same samples, same arrangement, same buildups, same takeoffs, different melodies..

  • @Jens, if you know this, why even look at it?

  • @Jens, if you know this, why even look at it? go hate somwhere else, jesus.

  • Avicii goes Nicky Romero! Like it though

  • Anyone a clue when Silhouettes feat Salem El Fakir will be released, in my opinion one of the most brilliant productions of Avicii. Same question goes for the dancing in my head (avicii’s been cursed mix) love it! Big up for this remix as well!

  • @Afthermathyo

    Exactly my point, stop fucking whining about Avicii. When you’ve become somewhat close to what Avicii is today jens then open your mouth.

  • jens, please gtfo… this song is dope!!

  • Sjukt bra! Något release-datum än?

  • yeah this one is nice. Much better than like dancing and the madonna remix. Thank god Avicii is back

  • Much better than most of his recent productions, but I agree with Jens. He really needs to start reinventing himself. This sound is getting so overplayed it’s not even funny. When this sound goes away, Avicii will go with it if he doesn’t atleast try to change up his game.

  • Oskar Baeten: ‘Silhouettes’ will be released very soon, followed by the ‘Dancing In My Head’ remix.

  • Well to be honest, @jens is just stating the obvious. That is what more or less all of Avicii’s productions look and sound like. Doesn’t mean it’s bad, just that it’s not different.

  • @ Anton, on which label if am required to ask? thanks for the response!

  • I’m not saying it’s a bad production. I’m not saying i’m better. All i’m saying is you can clearly hear he is using alot of the same samples and elements from he’s other tracks, especially FX impacts\sweeps\fills etc. Same buildups, same breakdowns etc.

    Iv’e allways been a huge fan of Avicii. He gave us bromance, and proved time and again he could produce tracks that would spawn many smiling faces across the globe; Rapture, blessed, drowning, levels, silhouettes.

    However, the last 6-10 months, he is starting to copy himself – and not in a inventive way. Levels/Nicktim. Been Cursed/Silhouettes/Last Dance etc.

  • Gotta Luv It!
    better than the Madonna remix!

  • YES Avicii, at least one good future release :D

  • Oskar Baeten: His own label – Le7els Records.

  • well, pretty surprised this time. never thought i would like an Avicii production again but this one is kinda cool ! maybe because i love Lenny Kravitz :) still, i agree with the statement of jens. But imo this remix reminds me more of Avicii’s productions before Bromance, which i clearly prefer

  • Haha Avicii is pretty funny, it’s OK to tease us with previews of tracks and so on but this is going too far. He is already teasing us with new tracks like the Madonna remix, and this remix but not even released Nicktim, Silhouettes, Dancing In My head, ”ID2″, ”Levels2″.

    Do like Axtone, Size and Refune and start releasing tracks. He must start with it soon and stop teasing us with new ones because we’re getting exalted as fuck but then it gets annoying and then the teaser gets outplayed..


  • boring

  • Anton, du skrev att dancing in my head är en remix – hade för mig att det var en original, eller är jag ute och cyklar?

  • @David Just LOL,

  • tjaman: Det har alltid varit en remix, dock var det först sagt att den skulle krediteras som ett original. Fallet är inte så längre.

  • @Dhrubo Faraz: Couldn’t of said it better myself man. I am a huge fan of Avicii but he releases teasers six months before the release and then I lose interest. If you gonna release a teaser make sure the release it at least in a month.

  • I dont like avicii recent productions like nicktim,his remix of girl done wild, and dancing in my head. But i like this remix. Its so much better

  • Off-Topic: I just looked at the new Size Matters website, and noticed a new duo they signed, Wayne & Woods. Who are they? I looked them up on youtube and wasn’t too impressed. Just curious!

  • @Tom

    I’ve known about Wayne & Woods before they got signed on Size records. They use to have a bunch of previews on their soundcloud and no joke all the tracks are INSANE. The tracks on youtube are old productions. Their new shit is amazing. Anyways here’s their soundcloud: … all tracks got taken off though. But yea look out for them.

  • Very similar to his early remix of Touch Me! Get a really good vibe when listening to this

  • avicii is back! jefla gött gung i denna

  • Notwithstanding singular preferences, I agree with @Dhrubo Faraz, he put too much meat on the fire (as we say in Italy): a few days ago I accidentally saw the video he published in 2011 where he wrote all the tracks coming along in the same year; only few of them have been released and yet he continues to tease us with new tracks. Just release them already before people forget them and they don’t have the hoped success…

  • pisse låt

  • Not good.

  • what he needs to do is stop making his drops with a boring kick :/ it doesn’t make me wanna move but it makes millions of other people move so maybe i’m wrong but it’s just an oppinion

  • majk, kan du inte låsa in dig själv i en källare och aldrig komma ut, snälla?

  • @Anton kan ni inte anställa Majk som recensent.
    Han kommer alltid med så insiktsfulla inlägg.
    Hade varit något det, Beat My Days egen Bert Karlsson.

  • Isn´t this remix in fact nicky romero – camorra mixed with with lenny kravitz acapella? If not, its a big rip off that song.
    Listen and compare

  • @andreas you Are Right, Sound Very Similar, But I Preffer This, One, Avicii Should Include A Dub Mix On The Release. I Don’t Like the Vocals.

  • Det känns ju fånigt att klaga på att en producent ”teasar” för mycket med släpp, titta på producenter som eric prydz och axwell, där snackar vi lång väntan..

  • Dirty South & Axwell Feat. Rudy – Open Your Heart ripoff

  • @WaWa

    Haha prydz är ju mästarn på att teasa, teasat i 10 år förfan. Men vi älskar honom inte mindre för det!

  • kul att ni försvar er idol, säg till mej när ni slutat luft synta till pop musik, så kan vi diskutera.

  • @majk: men om du inte vill diskutera bör du ju inte droppa kommentarer som ”pisse låt”, utan typ….vara tyst?

  • @Majk Du verkar väldigt insatt i den bättre house musiken och inte pop.
    Kan du inte dela med dig av dina kunskaper.
    Droppa några riktigt bra låtar som du gillar just nu.
    Lär oss andra som uppenbarligen gillar pissmusik.
    Snåla inte nu…

  • Härligt med kärlek. Tycker det är roligt o trissa er låten faller inte mej i smaken helt enkelt.

  • Majk, är det någon låt Avicii gjort som någonsin fallit dig i smaken?

  • @Majk
    Kan du inte komma med lite tips?
    Jag vill vidga mina vyer.

  • the artwork … (

  • great tune by avicii,

    check out this amazing mashup megamix!

  • Haha love the artwork!

  • +1 martin lol

  • it looks made by an amateur photoshop user lmao

  • 00-talets fulaste cover?

  • Avicii is on fire, 3 releases during the last month :-D

  • I usually don’t complain about these sorts of things, but I fucking hate the artwork

  • Love the artwork!

    Just joking.

    Hate it.

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