Swedish newcomers Qulinez have established themselves as a fearless force amid their ascent to universal acknowledgement. Stumbling into the hands of Steve Angello’s Size Records with the Pete Tong approved winter anthem ‘Troll’, the young Scandinavian duo set their sights on the unsuspecting realms of Welsh alternative trio The Joy Formidable’s ‘A Heavy Abacus’. Bringing an elegant array of melodic leads alongside the original’s quirky vocal line, their apex is somewhat flat compared to that of their standard setting industry debut. Nevertheless bridging the gap between the unsuspecting original and the club floor to which Qulinez are proving aptly suited for with significant strength, ‘A Heavy Abacus’ is a track to which their studio capabilities successfully cater for.

The Tiësto-premiered Qulinez remix of ‘A Heavy Abacus’ will be released on April 24th via Canvasback/Atlantic Records.

Words by Dan Carter

33 Comments to “Preview: The Joy Formidable – A Heavy Abacus (Qulinez Remix) [Atlantic]”

  • riktigt jävla tråkigt att de använder samma jävla ljud, booooring

  • OO i like it :)

  • Impossible to live up to the hype of Troll, but still they could have done FAR better on this one i.m.o.

  • haha some same synths and same kick as in troll.
    nevermind..sounds beautiful!
    nice job

  • Vilket break.. Bra mode på voxen.. Men sen när leaden och det kom in.. boring :/

    Main låter fjantigt på nåt sätt!

  • Welcome back to the 90s. Sounds like the techno pop

  • Jävligt skön melodi faktiskt!

  • Riktigt go! tycker dock de börde köra ett 3-kick sen break vid vissa delar

  • Haha jag tycker fan den var dunderfet. Lite 90-tals techno över droppet och lite trist att dom använder samma sound men va fan, tung!

  • Hej kom och hjälp mig! låter som fjortisdunk =D

  • jag tycker att det låter lite fjortisaktigt som typ någon techno låt , troll var underbar men tycker inte om det här…

  • Remember that they’re originally a ”techno group” called Secondtunez for those of you who didn’t know http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKeBmXJmWAs!

    I must say I really like their sliding synths, very unique :)

  • Are you kidding me? One hit wonder…

  • ”Troll” var ok, men den här låter ”fjortisdunk som en annan skrev där uppe. Inte alls bra tyvärr! troll var nog en one hit wonder faktiskt….

  • Well: Quite ironic. Secondtunez is fjortisdunk, not techno.

  • This sucks so bad… :/

  • Omg.. this was REALLY bad !!…

  • I’m a big Qulinez supporter since ”Troll” an since they supported my vocal edit of ”Troll” in there soundcloud page back in January which is on my http://soundcloud.com/p-hi an mixcloud account. They do have potential bangerz judging from there guest mix on Cr2 records back in February, BUT THIS TRACK IS HORRIBLE WAY TO CORNY AN FLAT OUT CHEESY, this IS TECHNO POP AT IT FINEST! CMON GUYS STEP UP TO UR POTENTIAL!

  • Honestly a little disappointed. I was a huge fan of troll and was expecting something fresh when I saw the preview. No doubt still and artists to watch out for in 2012 though. Its just too much like troll for me.

  • Wow really they are SecondTunez?

    I listened the fuck out of that when I was 12, amazing they transitioned into doing Troll..

    Anyways this sounds way too much like fjortisdunk and I’m starting to feel like Troll was their One Hit Wonder…

  • i actually think their done…loved troll, but to live up to that hype you need to come up with something totally different

  • ………

  • Qulinez sound is really whiny and dull, both Troll and this monstrosity.

    Sorry guys, try again.

  • this is just awful, sounds to much like Secondtunez. This is definitely not house.

  • Could have been a track by AQUA, dr.bombay or something.. It sounds very pop/techno! not good at all! I think they should go back to Secondtunez.. Feels like that genre fit them better. Troll=One hit wonder!
    BTW the drop in troll, is a copy of bassjackers drop in his remix of Ferry Costen – Check it out!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mA7qHkZHNU#t=1m47s listen

    p.hi: no one of their tracks in the guest mix for Cr2 records isnt that good as troll.. Like I said, One hit wonder!

  • ehh va vad detta för nått?

  • Hahah vilka fjortisar det visar sig att dom är!

  • This is pure shit. The vocal part make you expect a bomb but then it fails hard, like dogpoop on the ground. One hit wonder ofc!

  • so much hate over such an awesome song! First heard it at ultra and it was amazing i bet if any of you heard it live you would be dancing. Stop the hate!!

  • That I actually thought in Qulinez… this tune is same as Troll but different melodi. GTFO

  • hahahahahahahahah please listen to this, same genre? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kme2v3PTs8E

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