Few have set ablaze the Swedish House movement with more consistency than young Stockholm tune monger Adrian Lux. But having led the way with some truly impressive singles over the past year, his highly anticipated self-titled debut album for Ultra Records proves itself well aligned with the hype that has establish Lux as a definitive new school leader. While his breakthrough outing ‘Teenage Crime’ is still a heavy-set contender amid the album’s collective force, Lux’s juggling of the emotive vocal anthem and the vivacious instrumental ensemble marks a record of diverse quality and almost unlimited capabilities.

But collecting such vocal assets as Rebecca & Fiona and the familiar stylings of Lune, there is an inoffensive courtship between his eclectic club cuts and ear for a solid top line that reigns supreme throughout this sterling debut full-length. Add latest single ‘Burning’ alongside Dante and a sneaky homage to his heavyweight peers with ‘Leave The World Behind’ and it is evident that Lux has truly tailored his universal appeal to a very wholehearted agenda. The proof remains in this solid endeavour of rigorous studio work and carefully coordinated instalments of inspired Progressive House music.

Adrian Lux (Album) [Ultra Records] – Beatport Link
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Words by Dan Carter

21 Comments to “Release: Adrian Lux (Album) [Ultra]”

  • burning is def. the one for me!½

  • So only radio edits? What about Extended mixes?

  • @Anton – Kommer den till svenska iTunes Store idag också för den finns inte tillgänglig där just nu. :(

  • Bandis: Coming soon with remixes.

    Erik: Den finns att köpa världen över på Beatport, släpps världen över på iTunes snart också.

  • @Anton Tack :)

  • Har albumet inget namn?

  • @Oskar The album is called ”Adrian Lux”. The articele also says ”his highly anticipated self-titled debut album for Ultra Records” :)

  • LOVE IT!

  • När kan man vänta sig se albumet på spotify?


  • Vad hände med Leave The World Behind?

  • Ritchie: Chill, it’s on there… You just have to switch to page 2 in the Beatport player, haha.

    Gustav: We’ll let you know when it’s available on Spotify, it it ever will be.

  • Will be on spotify in Scandinavia tomorrow!

  • Who does the vocals on Weekend Heroes? and on Angels? Amazing album, that Adrian really makes some beautiful tunes.

  • Spotify-link (that most likely will work later this week): http://open.spotify.com/album/5Y4c1B475UVGWm27fwVlSU
    @simpan sounds like rebecca & fiona on both.

  • It’s live on Spotify but only five tracks are playable for now.

  • Sämst att han inte har Solid Ground eller Eagles med…

  • ChPh: Solid Ground var en remix så kan nog ha varit svårt att lösa rättigheterna. Samma med Eagles då det främst var en Sander van Doorn singel för hans album.

  • adrian lux i malmö på lördag.. synd att han valt sämsta stället att spela på..

  • [...] four months after it’s the release of Adrian Lux’s self-entitled debut artist album for Ultra Records, August sees Lux bring aboard talent from both sides of the Atlantic for the [...]

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