In a time where the U.S. has more or less become a dominant part of Electronic Dance Music across the world, the heyday of bleepy Dirty Dutch has rapidly emerged. Founded on a somewhat unique array of bleeps alongside hard-hitting kicks and crisp percussions, the newest offering from Sidney Samson, currently one of the leading figures in Dirty Dutch, comes in a better time than any. Arguably one of his hottest records to date after the still highly rated ‘Riverside’, the David Guetta-supported ‘Get Low’ and it’s stadium-esque approach emerge as the upcoming 11th instalment on his newest record label, Rock The Houze.

‘Get Low’ is released on April 16th via Rock The Houze.


24 Comments to “Preview: Sidney Samson – Get Low [Rock The Houze]”

  • fugly


  • hear

  • låter precis som bromance :O

  • Nope

  • Whats up with the quality standard of BMD? Sidney Samson..really?

  • Ruben: I bet many would say producers like Fritz Kalkbrenner or Fred Falke suck too. This may be a low-quality track according to you, but many others obviously find this to be a quality Dirty Dutch track.

    Lots of people thought ‘Mush Mush’ sucked when we posted it up last year and just months later everyone was loving it. Calling this low-quality is pushing it.

  • sjukt bra! Lucas Laubscher det finns inte en likhet med bromance

  • oh come on haha. don’t go that way..its quite obvious this is crap, even for ‘commercial’ house fans. I doubt anyone will like this :D

    but fair enough, your blog, you decide!

  • Ruben, if you actually look at the posted youtube clip you’ll see that there’s plenty of people liking it.

  • Horrid Afrojack style. Afrojack sucks, why imitate him? lol

  • Actually Sidney is the founder of the ”Dirty Dutch”-sound..

  • Phat! he really got that dirty dutch sound become ”arena”-phat!

  • As a Dirty Dutch lover, i really like this song.
    @Ruben so what, just because this isn’t ”your” style of music BMD shouldn’t post about this song? Hey wake up, the universe doesn’t rotate aorund you. Obviously plenty of people like this song, something you would have noticed if you weren’t so arrogant.
    If you knew that Sidney Samson ”has low staanard” why did you even listen to the song orpost a comment.
    Some people just hate on everything…

  • This is mine gold for Dirty Dutch lovers… So if some of you (like me) aint fan of Dirty Dutch dont give the negative comments.

  • This is awesome at events, but sucks at home maybe thats why! :P
    btw we need new pic of sidney samson xD

  • Sounds like a fat live-track. At home naaaah….

  • Nice, a new tune for the alarms when Iran throws their nukes on us.

  • This track was soooo fat when David Guetta played it at Ultra. The crowd was going nuts!
    love this one from Samson

  • This is the first bleepy track in ages that appealed to me!

  • Wow. I did not expect this.
    The name Sidney Samson leaves a bad taste after all the crappy songs he made.
    Especially that Thanks I get-track, what a joke.

    This however is awesome.

  • Bootleg of hardwells mashup that he played on Ultra:

  • Now this is what i’m talking about!! And it’s nothing like afrojack.. Maybe like afrojack -amanda and some of his earlier work, but i’m really loving this !!

  • when you’re ear it live you can say that this track is massive.

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