Among the cheesy European assets and immorally mainstream movements of House music, Germany’s Kurd Maverick has kept it as pure and accessible as possible. With his sights set on the distinct grooves that Euro House stronghold 303/Hotfingers have become synonymous with. Where its distant leads drive ‘Happy Days’ into a somewhat ambient start, its solid rhythmic accolades and subtly tuned bass line make for a truly vivacious set-piece for the German producer to shine. Still packing a significantly soulful punch of funky guitar leads and mixed vocal samples, ‘Happy Days’ is a poignant reminder that outside of the oversubscribed realms of Electronic music, thoroughbred House music can still exist.

Kurd Maverick – Happy Days [Hotfingers Music] – Beatport Link

Words by Dan Carter

4 Comments to “Release: Kurd Maverick – Happy Days [Hotfingers]”

  • Exceptional, still loving warum nisht!

  • Great track! I love Warum Nisht!

  • this is so good.

  • still loving this amazing track from PJ! back in dayz with this good remix.
    Kudos for Kurd :)

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