Outside of his role within Sweden’s elite House export, there is something unchallengeable about the consistent force of Axwell and his dignified imprint. Carrying forward the definitive hallmarks now associated with Axtone’s frequently groundbreaking and often replicated sound scope, Swedish Indie Pop peers Miike Snow are on hand with another formidable top line at the mercy of German Progressive force and forthcoming compilation maestro Thomas Gold.

While infectious synth play and distinct drops of intense attitude remain at the heart of this imprint’s perfected craft, their familiar German contributor certainly knows how to cater for a label that is proving something of a comfortable home-from-home to this high-ranking European House perfectionist of impressive peak time persuasion. On the back of solo endeavour ‘Sing2Me’ and further international exploits for the tectonic German House asset, his remix of ‘The Wave’ sets the standard for club-minded remix duties to an all time high amid Thomas Gold’s ongoing ascent to universal adoration.

Update: The Thomas Gold remix of ‘The Wave’ will be released on May 14 via Axtone Records.

Miike Snow – The Wave (Thomas Gold Remix)

Update: Official preview added

Words by Dan Carter

15 Comments to “Preview: Miike Snow – The Wave (Thomas Gold Remix) [Axtone]”

  • I really like what he did with the drums, but the buildup sounds very like every other ”commercial” track these days.
    So in the end it’s very unimpressive

  • I truly hope it’s just the recording, otherwise that drop is completely powerless… The melody is really cool

  • I think it’s the recording, with more quality it will sound more powerful, just like Sing2Me.

  • What a huge track ! :o

  • I agree with Warren, the whole thing sounded much less epic here compared to the Cosmic Opera recording. I guess kiko is right though, the low quality in these podcasts can ruin fatness, and live recordings usually sound a little more epic then they actually are. :b

  • This track is amazing!

  • @manu: Really? This is unimpressive? Well you, sir, are a douche.

  • the break is perfect !!

  • @Victor: no, you, Sir, are a douche for not being objective about someone else’s opinion. the drop is indeed not Thomas’ best one..sounds pretty random to me as well

  • @henry thanks man!

    @victor You have to accept other people’s opinions ;)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA_5y_Na7iM

    great buildup in this video

  • really good job by thomas gold once again.

  • very ”axtone-ish”…cant wait for relese,hope its going to be at mid May :)

  • I don’t really like it :S that buildup with this drumstyle is… just not for me (: besides that, not the best melody either

  • Hello.This post was really motivating, especially because I was browsing for thoughts on this subject last Sunday.

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