Quality over quantity, energy over efficiency: These are just a couple of the reasons man about town and consistent Dutch House protagonist Nicky Romero has become an unstoppable European producer. Well aware of the buzz surrounding his studio instalments after the successive releases ‘Wild One Two’ alongside David Guetta and Miami favourite ‘Se7en’, Romero unleashes the mysterious set favourite and once speculated Avicii collaboration ‘Tension’ as a gesture to his 100k+ following on Facebook.

Balancing intense melodic progressions alongside his rigorously tuned keys, Romero’s formatively strong offering collects all the favoured elements of his beloved studio output with persuasive strength. Escaping the tedium of the Dutch House scene once again, Romero remains a vital asset to its ever expanding legacy with this impressive free instalment.


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Words by Dan Carter

15 Comments to “Free Download: Nicky Romero – Tension (Vocal Mix)”

  • but I remember this track, he said it was a collaboration between him and Avicii during a concert?

  • wow this track wasnt good at all, still doing tapestops and shit..c’mon man, then the arp-riff is stolen from a sebjak track..The break-riff seems sloppy made, like its not quantized properly here and there..The track lacks character and is just all the mainstream techniques put together in one track pretty much…

    These guys, need to slow down their tempo with releases and just focus on good material..1 good song is better than 30 wack ones :( ..I know nicky can do better, look at axwell for example..He release things very rarely but when he do, its smashing, the same with dirty south etc

  • + he is sampling that leave the world behind kick, come on man, every producer samples it nowadays, its always funny when you hear a track and they sampled that ^^

  • Nicky means serious business, this track is insane!

  • haha nexus piano…i get that this is a free track, but come on nicky! you can definitely do better! i like the drop though.

  • @freee

    you deff need to listen better to tracks, its not the ltwb kick at all, its the kick I made for flash..
    this track is made like 1,5 year ago, but I decided to share it because there might be people who do like it instead … you should spread positivity over the world instead of negative stuff which doesnt even come close to reality…

  • btw thanks beatmyday for the big support always :)

  • Hey Nick
    Congratulations for hitting up 100K fans on facebook, the track sounds great.

    Happy Easter everyone

  • wow… very great move to your fan base thank you nicky !!!

  • Nick +1

    people should be happy when they give away free songs… i mean it’s still time and work they have put into producing it..
    Nowadays producers and labels just want to make money… and don’t even consider doing a nice gesture for their fans, like giving away a song for free

    So thank you nicky! we really appreciate it

  • yeah I spread positivity for good tracks, this is the comment section we have to be able to give neg/pos as well..Im sure you get that, I give positive comments when you release good tracks here as well :)

    Everybody have their own opinion, yeah maybe I was wrong about the kickdrum but other than that I still stand for my opinion..Instead of giving excuses and saying it was 1,5 year ago and ”there might be people who do like it” , release what you self feel is timeless and that you like, not that other people might like :P ..I know you can, just sort out the bad tracks, and release the diamonds.

  • @Nicky,

    Don’t mind them, all it comes down to at the end of the day is how the track sounds. And this one sounds effing awesome, nice work!

  • One of the only huge producers to still care about the fans. Releasing this, plus two tracks with Fedde free of charge. Fans will always complain, if you don’t like it don’t listen to it. This (and Freaky) are both huge tracks.

  • Pretty cool that Nick even replies to people on here

  • Where are the fucking great vocals from ???

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