Madonna may have used this track as an excuse for her verbal mishaps at this years UMF, but utilising the free publicity with a hasty release, Cedric Gervais returns to Spinnin Records with the controversially named ‘Molly’. While the drug references may fail to be totally subliminal within Gervais’ latest single, what the track lacks in subtle messaging it makes up for in consistent force and indisputable energy. Donning an acid backdrop to its somewhat tedious vocal line, the scattered melodic charges and building rhythmic slurs make for a very different musical canvas to Gervais’ usual studio output. But given a successful test run during his set at UMF and already boasting a raunchy music video, it seems fair to say that the Miami based floor filler has made good stead out of the industry’s favourite narcotics cliché.

Cedric Gervais – Molly [Spinnin Records] – Beatport Link

Words by Dan Carter

19 Comments to “Release: Cedric Gervais – Molly [Spinnin]”

  • For those of you who don´t know, Molly is another word for ecstasy. And frankly I don’t support a song that is about taking drugs.

  • Totally agree. This is terrible. Both the message and the music itself. No true acid about this at all…

  • Wtf..

  • Well, actually, she makes me want to dance! :O F***ing ESSENTIAL!

  • Please be honest, E is a perfect Drug for electronic Music! And the Track is great!

  • @Tom +1

  • garbage. dont support this crap. not what we want representing the scene

  • Peope should decide for themselves what they take or use, but promoting it in a track is not what whe should want in the scene. Same for smoking, alcohol etc, it shouldn’t be the title of a track.

  • That’s what Deadmau5 was trying to prove :)

  • a bit daft overeactions IMHO.
    When I first heard the song it made me laugh, a funny catchy ‘Eva-WallE’ song .+1

  • Molly/Ecstacy/MDMA is on the 18th place of dangerous drugs.. Alcohol is on the 5th place..

    So honestly, I didnt see a single negativ comment when Tim Berg unleashed ”Alcoholic”?

    Ecstacy/MDMA is one of few drugs that’s not addictive!

  • But Oracle, abuse of MDMA can really fuck your brain up like no other drug. Sure its not as addictive as many other drugs, and thats because of the lack of effect when you take it to often(some peoples just dont care about this).

    But moderate use of MDMA is fucking amazing, this drug is epic LOVE!

  • Oracle, the thing with alcohol though is that it’s so much more easily obtainable. Alcohol is rated as a more dangerous drug than E since WAY MORE people use it.

    Why this is causing a stir is because ecstasy is an illegal drug. Alcohol is legal. If ecstasy really was less dangerous, it wouldn’t be illegal.

    Tim Berg – Alcoholic was obviously named as more of a joke, while this track is clearly trying to send a more serious message from the looks of the effort they put into it. Encouraging illegal drug use is obviously worse than encouraging legal drug use, don’t you think?

  • haha this song is not very… innovative..

    Nope, last good acid track still is Acid Rocker.

  • nothing wrong with MDMA, just use it responsibly!

    track is garbage btw, cheap marketing stunt. topnotch videoclip tho, me likey

  • Nörd svenskar. Åk till Miami, Berlin eller Ibiza – alla kör det. Inget att bry sig om. Är ni emot olagliga droger kan jag ju meddela att ni valt HELT fel genre.

  • @Smals

    Väljer du genre efter droger alltså? Seems legit

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