Having forged their names as radio personalities, Nari & Milani’s 16-years of collaborative service has established them as an integral mechanism within European Dance Music, penning such anthems as Destination Calabria alongside Alex Guadino and their debut Size outing Kendo in the process.

But first premiered at Ultra Music Festival’s Brazilian venture last Decemeber, the duos Size Records follow-up ‘Atom’ revitalises the hysteria behind these formative producers. From its precisely layered assault of epic synth leads to that insatiable low-end assault of distant low-end riffage, Nari & Milani’s minimalistic drop into concisely grinding Electro House grooves is a stand out speck on the map for a duo who have not conformed to the atypical European mindset in the process of exploding on a universal level.

Nari & Milani – Atom [Size Records] – Beatport Link
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Nari & Milani – Atom

Words by Dan Carter

46 Comments to “Release: Nari & Milani – Atom [Size]”

  • Nice one!!!

  • nice one!!!!!


  • synd att droppet är jävligt trist

  • The original is 5:34, what’s the big idea with the 6 minute videos of this track on YouTube? BTW stomping track!

  • SIZE 2.0 is more like SIZE budget cut…Horrible design, both in the videos as with the artwork. Shame.

  • Fast Beat Go!

  • haha roligt att de använde klassiska clown-atombombs bilden =D

  • Varför låter den inte alls lika mäktig som i MSG-rippen? Precis som ‘Feel’ så känns det som att den versionen (som tillslut kom ut) blev mycket fattigare än t.ex den i Tiësto Club Life-rippen…

  • Vincent: Which shows you have no idea what Size 2.0 is all about. It has not even launched yet :P For your information, it’s going to be one of the most ground-breaking features in EDM to date.

  • they recut it…outro part is missing,part after the first drop is also missing,if someone has the version that leaked,lenght 6:15,please compare it and you will see…shame on you SIZE !!!

  • @anton all I see is the 4th picture when you type in ”atom bomb” with a paint text smeared on it. Im not talking about whats to come, I’m talking about what I see now (which is shit). Please enlighten me with your wisdom about Size 2.0.

  • Vincent: You were talking about Size 2.0, were you not? ;) Not allowed to reveal any details just yet, but it’s going to be huge.

  • men vem fan bryr sig om artworken helt ärligt, låten är fet som fan.

  • Mmm well you got me excited! Hope it turns out better as this though

  • Fantastic artwork! A google page 1 image with a layer!

  • People, just face it; there is no such thing as perfection. Even an Axwell release has got flaws. Not many, but they do indeed exist.

    Think past the artwork and focus on the track, please.

    For the record, this is probably one of the biggest drops this year. Atleast thus far.

  • i was there when SHM dropped it on their masquerade motel show, it was the fattest moment during the whole WMC, this track is fucking sick in a big arena so dont judge it by listening to it on your shitty headphones at home

  • For me the break is a total disaster, but the drop when the beat comes .. omg! So fucking hot!

  • The drop is so smooth and clean, you can almost compare it to the Kidsos drop.

  • fruktansvärt fet, men ack så tråkig låt

  • The track is the most important thing for me, a good artwork is just a nice side effect IMO

  • förstår inte att folk klagar på releasens artwork… vem fan bryr sig? trodde detta var en musikblogg… fet låt för övrigt, men ganska tråkig..

  • in my opinion this is one of the most overrrated tracks of the year just like greyhound…

  • This is by far the biggest drop of 2012! Huge!

  • ”fast beat the” säger dem, taget från ”Nitzer Ebb – Let your body learn”

    Fast låter typ som ”Fast speed Go!”

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