Building on the positive union that brought us the untimely mainstream crossover anthem ‘Wild One Two’, universally acclaimed stadium-filler David Guetta joins esteemed Dutch newcomer Nicky Romero for round two of this old school / new school collaborative affair. In the dark yet melodically tuned outset of its heavy dynamics, the track strays from the more typical realms of the previous Sia infused vocal stronghold. Placing anthemic chords and rapid synths upon the backbone of this eclectic club outing, their second coming makes for a far more organic injection of illustrious club fuel for the debut release of David Guetta’s new Jack Back Records label. Already buzz charted and conjuring significant attention on the live club circuit, Guetta and Romero have done it again, sealing themselves a solid collaborative sequel of uninhibited energy.

David Guetta & Nicky Romero – Metropolis [Jack Back Records] – Beatport Link

David Guetta & Nicky Romero – Metropolis

Words by Dan Carter

32 Comments to “Release: David Guetta & Nicky Romero – Metropolis [Jack Back]”

  • Resurrection 2.0

  • This is so bad. Not the production itself but the fact that these two retards can’t even come up with an own sound when they collaborate. Guetta just can’t keep his hands off other peoples work.

  • This is crap. Please dont come with your ”haters gonna hate”, there’s a serious lack of originality here!

    This is one goes straight to the 95% bad tracks that came out in 2012…

  • It must be very hard for all you to constantly spread negativity all the time. So it resembles resurrection, so what? If you don’t like it don’t listen to it, there is no need to vocalize your negative comments all the time. I see a lot of great tracks come out here on beatmyday but I swear eighty percent of the comments are people just trying to pick out flaws in a track. And by the way, if you enjoy bashing Guetta and Romero so much why don’t you stick it to ‘em and produce a better track?

  • @Victor
    ”why don’t you stick it to ‘em and produce a better track?”…………………………………………are you serious?
    1. We are not superstar dj’s.
    2. We’re not professionals, we don’t make millions of dollars producing music.
    3. We don’t have millions of fans expecting awesome releases..
    4. We can’t make tracks as good as theirs, that is still not a reason not to bash their bad tracks. Who should criticize their music if not the listeners and the crowd?
    These guys are super famous producers and as @oij said ”the fact that these two retards can’t even come up with an own sound when they collaborate” makes this so ridiculous.

  • @Pop Ha ha , Resurrection 2.0, I actually never noticed but not that you say it

  • They should have stuck with the electrobeat in the intro, maintaining it after the drop – then it wouldn’t be the obvious comparison to Calfans tune. Rather a harder version which at least i wouldn’t mind listening to. Now it’s just, ….. nope…


  • Lol at first i thought it sounded good but when i took a listen to resurrection then listen to this again its just Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • So when there is originality in a track, you bash on something else. Take Atom for example, that track is huge and when you were unable to find any flaws in the actual track, you bashed the artwork. Come on, REALLY?

    This might be inspired by resurrection, so what? To be honest, this is actually better than resurrection. If you don’t like a track because you may or may not think it lacks originality, edm is not for you.

    If we were to look at things from your perspective, the Alesso remix of Pressure would suck BIG TIME because Prydz was first with that kind of sound. As someone said in another comment field; this is no such thing as perfection. There will always be flaws in everything. I can’t imagine how boring it must be to hang out with you when you always search for flaws in things. And when you’re unable to find flaws in something, you search for flaws in things related to it.

    There are so many releases coming out these days so delivering something that’s 100% original is impossible. That means the hate will never stop. Good news for you I’m guessing.

    Not to mention all of these guys saying they think classical house music is better. They post quite a lot of that here on bmd aswell but I don’t see you posting many positive comments about those. Sometimes yes, but I’m guessing it’s much more fun to hate rather than love.

    The expectations on every release these day are too god damn high. Alesso is killing it but as soon as he got famous, people started hating. I’m quite sure edm would die out rather quickly if all producers were to listen to some of you and instead release one track every other year. I can’t even imagine me even wanting to go to a Dj show since you would never be hearing anything new.

    Having said that, I think metropolis is really good. That beat before the synth part is amazing. All in all, this may be a bit similar to resurrection, but it also beats resurrection by far. <10% of the track is similar to resurrection so to say "there's a serious lack of originality here" is frankly pushing it. Big time.

    @Mick, so you can see into the future, cool story bro.

    @oij +0,3 The production is amazing and I would love to see something fresh from the two but to be fair, there are lots of fresh elements in this track.

  • @Victor

    Are you suffering from hearing impairment? Or are you just one of these people who swallow anything a big name throws at you, without any reflection what so ever of what it is you are actually listening to? And do us all a favour and spare us from the ”hater” BS, it is childish and annoying….

    Regarding the track, I think its very poor and completely lacks any originality mainly because it is way too much similar to Resurrection as others have also pointed out.

  • @ Zetheiser. I couldn’t agree more, that beat in the intro is the best part of the track.

  • Ohyes, there’s a big lack of originality in this song, but i kinda like it, not WOW, but a nice lean back kinda song!

  • People are good at hating on everything, but suck at pointing out positive things. Even where it’s very well deserved.

    For me, this track is great! I don’t mind it being similar resurrection because this track is even better and im a big fan of resurrection. If I recall correctly, many of you are too, so why wouldn’t you want to listen to an improved version of a track you already like? Sure, it lacks a little bit of originality, but if you are serious when you say this sucks because of just that, you’re fucking retarded. Sure, you can hate how much you want but to skip listening to a good track just because of some moral dilemma you have going on, edm is, as ”Warren” put it, not for you.

    There is just too much exaggerations going on about this track. I suppose it’s just the Swedish negativity that’s starting to affect people.

  • The part which kicks in at 1.55 is shit. Sounds like they just took first best random melody.

  • yrsa + 99999

    Completely agree with everything you just said. I look at it like a better remix of resurrection :)

  • @yrsa

    Nice way going about and insulting people. Who is the retard here? You think it is ok for someone, specially a huge artist like Guetta, to pick a track released just a few months ago and make an ”improved version” of it? If Guetta (or Romero for that matter) are such great producers as many claim they are, they should easily be able to reinvent themselves every time they release a track.

  • Also sounds like Myers’ Hells Bells in the beginning of the sample. However still a pretty good track, but why on yet another new label?

  • Too many sounds from other songs that ruins this track, BAD! Olle said whats up in his post and I can definately agree with him.

    Off-topic but do anyone know if the tracks: Jonas Törn – Boss / Alexander Adstedt – We’re still here Are released? Plz let me know cause those are huge chooons.

  • nasty: ‘Boss’ is not released. ‘We’re Still Here’ was released on TopDJ Records last year but will be released this year on Le7els with vocals.

  • Everyone is entitled to an opinion positive or negative, I am more than happy to heap out praise but when a track blatantly copies another track like this, then we are entitled to heap shit on it.
    While Guetta is a flog, I will support him when he releases a good track, such as Lunar, but this is embarrasing.
    Reminds me of his track 50 Degrees that was an amateur remake of One.

  • @ Lj +1, i completely agree with you

  • Hells Bells + Resurrection = Metropolis

  • i could expect this from guetta, but nicky… what the hell have you done? collabing with guetta is like selling your sould to the devil

  • Guetta needs Nicky to produce good music. Nicky needs guetta på became a bigger superstar

  • So glad people think this sounds exactly like hells bells….I THOUGHT I WAS TAKING CRAZY PILLS haha. not here to hate, just realized that the other day they are almost identical. It was the only reason i even read these comments.

    But ya too much hate in the comments here…especially on qulinez in past posts, people get a life if you need to hate on hapiness.

  • As many here have pointed out, it’s a shameless copy of Hells Bells & Resurrection. Arguing otherwise is your own right, but the similarities are too large to be ignored.

    The worst part is that I actually really like this track.

  • Not resurrection 2.0 but resurrection .0000000001.

  • Michael Calfan – Resurrection was ghost-produced… Don’t know by who but I know people that’s Michaels team has been contacting for Ghost-producing deals….

    Just some interesting information for you!

  • Even the effect they use in the transition from the firts drop do the breakdown is copied from afrojack cannt stop me. Its not soo bad . But its is 100% ripoff of 3 tracks together.

  • Argh!!! I’m so mad and us arguing the comments and calling each other retards will change each other’s minds! :P

    Keep up the great work BMD! :)

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