Ever since ‘Finally’ established itself as the don of all Balearic club anthems, Sandy Rivera’s Kings of Tomorrow project has continued to inspire awe for the realms of melodic House. Armed with the familiar vocal assets of Elzi Hall, the voice behind 2005’s ‘Hope’, Rivera returns to top form with little sign of toppling under the changing tides of his craft. With Hall’s unique and delicate top line, there is a sense of Rivera’s return to the heyday of after club entrepreneurship. Pitting delicate chords and lightly ornamented leads alongside his familiar docile grooves, his calm studio movements make for increasingly stern ambience amid the audacious temperaments of modern House music. But in this triumphant return to Defected Records, old school certainly takes the crown for one of the genres more sophisticated legends.

‘Show Me’ is released on April 23rd via Defected Records.

Kings Of Tomorrow feat. Elzi Hall – Show Me

Words by Dan Carter

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  • Har ni hört något nytt om Swiss Official’s remix av KoF’s Changes?
    Känns som det har legat på Size skrivbord alltför länge.

  • absolutely brilliant

  • Amazing!

  • Remember this? 8 years old now?


    Still banging.

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