While the word synergy may be synonymous with several things working together in unison, one could not have chosen a more apt title for the next release off Phazing Records, for which Haitian Michael Brun and London-based Special Features combine forces. Having already proven himself a potent label head since the launch of the label in mid 2010, Dirty South’s A&R skills are put to the test again, providing us with a new original on behalf of two young and newly signed Phazing artists.

In a mixture of blistering chords and noteworthy drum combinations, ‘Synergy’ is, as it appears, not your every day record but one that evidently lives up to the Phazing standard. Adding to it’s already summerish appeal, ‘Synergy’ deals in emotional vibes and constructive melodic play to set this Haitian-English duo apart as favourites of the prestigious imprint of Dirty South.

‘Synergy’ will be released on April 18th via Phazing Records.

Michael Brun & Special Features – Synergy


5 Comments to “Preview: Michael Brun & Special Features – Synergy [Phazing]”

  • Nice, but not as amazing as rise

  • Phat! Two of my favourite up n coming producers in the same track, I haven’t thought of it before but they actually have a similar style, keep it up.

  • It’s too early to tell if it’s better than ‘Rise’, their totally different types of energy but I am really diggin’ the layering in this new track. ‘Special Features’ is very talented as well, he did an AMAZING remix to ‘Strobe’. I love ‘Rise’ and all, but I don’t think it’s that complete, as in it was kind of repetitive for me.

  • Huge fan of both Brun & Eden. They took it to the next level imo. Feels like Special Features need to get away from his signature sound though … Otherwise it sounds great.

  • Finally a decent tune again!

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