Formerly known as the ‘Privilege ID’, a taste of the final version of Pryda’s ‘You’ has entered the limelight, as just premiered by Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1. Set to release on May 21st, ‘You’ will be joining the recently revealed ‘SW4‘ and more as one of the most talked about pieces on his eagerly-anticipated triple CD debut album for Virgin Records. Laying down a soulful vocal line atop the already impeccable instrumental, Eric Prydz is simply unable to disappoint. Building an enigmatic array of richly melodious leads alongside a set of grinding baselines, ‘You’ appears as another creatively correct production, acting further testament to the innovativeness and playful approach we have now come to associate with Dance music’s arguably most inimitable producer.

‘You’ will be released on May 21st.


12 Comments to “Preview: Pryda – You [Virgin]”

  • Incredible!

  • Awesome.

  • Love it.

  • är det nåt nån mer än jag som ser eric som en symfoni orkester?!?!
    anton jag behöver hjälp med när shm lirar 20 min ikväll

  • I have listened to the ripped version of this track so many times! It’s just unreal that I will finally be able to hear it in studio quality.


  • Underbar! Ser fram emot releasen :)

  • alltid så jävla bra

  • Eric Prydz är ett jävla geni!

  • KUNG

  • I think Pryda is my favourite Dj ..

  • You guys do know this is mr Prydz himself singing right?

  • vinny, don’t call him a DJ please. Yeah, he DJs, but he’s definately a producer first and a DJ second.

    Just saying, not hating. I wish media would stop calling these masterminds DJs too. :p

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