Award winning Aussie outlet Denzal Park are a musical force to be reckoned with. Boasting platinum records across their vast discography of stimulating club cuts and masked pop-favourites, the loyalties of Kam Denny and Paul Zala have always remained very much in the court of adrenaline soaked floor-fillers.

Ditching the thrills of overcomplicated effects for a solid melodic adaptation of Tune In Tokyo’s overlooked original, the duo’s take on ‘Ray Of Love’ is a welcoming rendition of the tracks strong vocal assets and finely tuned rises. Though lacking the same vital qualities as their aptly renowned solo work, this track undoubtedly benefits from a promising injection from this adept Aussie Electronic outfit.

Where Denzal Park’s remix covers the grounds of a solid Progressive House outing, Dallas Koehlke’s take reflects on an enigmatic and a far more melodic chord progression to complement the original’s already mesmerizing top line. Hinting a rather smooth take on the playful Electro House interludes that have become something of a trend lately within this else progressive remix, the 20-year-old Orlando residing DallasK’s latest and possibly best work to date indicates that his ascent to the status of one of America’s most promising up-and-comers is nothing short of well-deserved.

Tune In Tokyo – Ray Of Love (Denzal Park + DallasK Remixes) [Onelove Recordings] – Beatport Link
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Tune In Tokyo – Ray Of Love (Denzal Park Remix)
Tune In Tokyo – Ray Of Love (DallasK Remix)

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  • Really good !

  • Båda remixerna har klass!

  • Denzel park remix sounds like a pryda song, just dont remember which one

  • Insane, both remixes are great!

  • LOVE the denzal park one!

  • Really really love the Denzal Park remix!

  • both are really awesome

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