Between hitting number one with chart-pleasing endeavour ‘Riverside’ and collaborating with the likes of Lil Jon, it is fair to say that Sidney Samson is a whole different entity amid the Dutch House crowd. Now solidly scaling the states with his pitch-pervading arsenal of scatty club gems, ‘Get Low’ emerges as yet another firm asset to his recently established Rock The Houze imprint.

Carrying the reassuringly familiar indiscretion between the high and low end, Samson’s grinding backdrop is ornamented with a stern array of piercing leads. While there is nothing to offend the more devout Dutch House fanatics within ‘Get Low’, there is an outstanding sense that Samson is firmly extending his genre with little remorse that establishes this 11th instalment to Rock The Houze one of his strongest offerings of late.

Sidney Samson – Get Low [Rock The Houze] – Beatport Link

Words by Dan Carter

8 Comments to “Release: Sidney Samson – Get Low [Rock The Houze]”

  • massive

  • This song blows so much dick its unreal… what is that noise?!?! not even music so upsetting beatmyday supports this….

  • I’d rather catch the aids virus from gay sex while simultaneously fisting my own asshole then listen to this song

  • yeaaa this song is like catching a switch load to the face…. I’ll stay in my attic when this song plays thanks

  • swift***

  • I hate this noise almost as much as I hate that homophobic comment

  • Why is Afrojack wearing a Sidney Samson mask??

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