With an already eclectic collection of emotionally refined tunes behind him, the silence that had previously surrounded London’s Alex Metric is finally shattered with free to download the Ammunition EP. Amid the material, it is ‘Anybody Else’ that really hits home the ongoing stamina to which Metric brings to the studio. Pitting his sophisticated blend of new age Electro and traditionally tuned 80’s Disco, the diverse melodic developments and scattered vintage synths make for a nostalgic track that further doubles up as an intense track for the consistent producer.


Alex Metric – Anybody Else

Words by Dan Carter

2 Comments to “Free Download: Alex Metric – Anybody Else”

  • Not a very spectacular track, but still a solid one.

    By the way, JC, new writer or just an alias for Jesper?

  • Bruce: Dan wrote this text, thanks for the heads-up.

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