Now a formative presence within Electronic Dance Music, Eva Simons has certainly excelled all expectations as a leading lady of eccentric top lines. But despite having German Electro wonder Zedd on production duties, her latest single ‘I Don’t Like You’ lay open for Dutch House mogul Nicky Romero to step in off the back of his latest giveaway track ‘Tension’ to lay down his own remodel of this infectious radio-friendly outing. With a grinding repertoire of steel-clad chord progressions and hard hitting beats, Romero plays on the elements that have seen his career soar and delivers yet another emotively refined key driven gem courtesy of Eva Simons’ exceptional vocal assets.

The Nicky Romero remix will be released on May 22nd via Interscope Records.

Words by Dan Carter

11 Comments to “Preview: Eva Simons – I Don’t Like You (Nicky Romero Remix) [Interscope]”


  • Yeah I luv it too!!!

  • En blandning mellan David Guetta & Nicky Romero – Metropolis och Nicky Romero – Toulouse vilket resulterar i skit..

  • Lite kreativitet nu förhelvete. Kunde lika gärna vara en mashup.

    Bortser man från det så låter det nice.

  • The same drop again, some will say it’s his signature, but come on this is gettin boring now, Nicky can do better things.

  • Han är ju så otroligt ful!

  • @Tjaooo

    klart han kör en svartvit bild, man vill ju inte skylta med att inte ha någon själ.

    Bortsett från det var låten bra fram till droppet.

  • he looks like a ugly demon

  • I can hear Albin Myers in there! haha cool shit though

  • awesome, go nick!

  • Great Shit!

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