At the heart of every genre lies a crate of unforgettable classics to which the world always seems to circle back towards. But from the unsuspecting British town of Norwich Brett Ewels embraces his Louis La Roche moniker to give a host of grassroots House classics a very 21st century twist. Rather than dispersing the original tracks untimely vibes with eccentric dub step wobbles and dodgy sampling, Ewel embraces the natural energy and divine harmonic properties with the utmost respect. While DJ Falcon’s ‘Honeymoon’ receives a sturdy injection of solid beat work, the ardent grooves and stiff lead play of Le Knight Club’s ‘Nymphae Song’ are taken to the max with inherently strong grooves.

Cheek’s ‘Sunshine People’ may be one of the most over-sampled House gems of its decade, but Ewel successfully extends the infamy with tantalising grooves and a rather sizeable low-end framework. His efforts, though nothing new, make for arguably the best remake to date. Finishing off with a nod to Bel Amour’s self-titled classic, this sun kissed remix is a worthy extension of the original Balearic House vibes that swept the world off its feet so many years ago. With so much progression doing the rounds in Electronic Dance Music, Louis La Roche’s latest EP is a confident step backwards to remember where the magic found its feet.

Words by Dan Carter

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  • Amazing posts today, this louis la roche ep is just unreal.

  • Amazing package! If only the edits where longer.

  • *were

  • great vibe!

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