Remodelling the vocal stylings of Etta James in an outright Progressive House anthem takes some real balls. But to the avail of Sweden’s latest Electronic superstar and the legacy of America’s late Blues legend, Avicii has proven himself a producer capable of bridging every imaginable gap with his widely acclaimed crafting of unforgettable moments in global Dance music.

With an already teeming reputation for epic vocal outings, Tim Bergling employs the delicate and distinctly tuned vocal work of fellow Swede songsmith Salem Al Fakir for his next elevated take on the globe’s most imitated genre to date. Providing a ‘lump in the throat’ outing of memorable leads and warm melody, ‘Silhouettes’ tenderly rakes down memory lane to pull at the heartstrings of club music with a sincere nod to youth and its unmistakable energy. In ideal transitions from its fruitful instrumentals and apathetically charged vocal line, Avicii’s forthcoming single could well be an early premature landmark for 2012, a year with his name written all over it.

‘Silhouettes’ will be released on May 4th via Avicii’s own Le7els Recordings and Universal Music.

Official preview

Words by Dan Carter

26 Comments to “Preview: Avicii feat. Salem Al Fakir – Silhouettes [Le7els]”

  • It was better before he changed/twisted the vocals

  • I’m afraid I have to agree with Jack

  • the vocal is nice, but the song is too repetive

  • I agree, he sould have kept the track in the original key of salem’s voice. The vocals sound weird.

  • The new version is definitely better! It gives the track way more depth and soul. The old vocal was too monotone.. Compare the two and you’ll see what I mean =)

    About time this gets released!

  • old version vocals were better, but i love what he did with the bass in the new one. dont remember hearing that in the old

  • Not a huge fan of the higher-pitched vocal change, but an amazing track nonetheless. Summer 2012!

  • not allowed to comment

  • Why did he change the vocal? WHY?!

  • Nice harmonies. I like it!

  • guys maybe maybe the vocals are just changed in this video… just wait for the release ;)

  • As everyone else, why the hell did you mixed up the vocal, Avicii?!

    It’s off-tune in some places too, I have to say no to this track, I will not support it by buying it until he gives us a better vocal version, like the old one!

    I’m still listening to it on you-tube every week ..

    1/5 .. I’m so disappointed.

  • tycker nästan den här versionen var bättre


  • what a shame…. Salem is such an amazing singer! Now he just sounds like scissor sisters :(

  • Lol I dont hear the changes, whats different? It says Video cut in the title btw

  • Jäkla gnäll här. Som jag längtat på denna. Tycker faktiskt det är bästa som han någonsin gjort! Men visst. Gamla vocalsen hade väl inte varit fel…

  • Damn I waited sooo long for this and now he messed up the vocals so much that I don’t really care anymore… Impressive how you can destroy a track so easy :(

  • Retards… He made the vocal like That in the preview so not kids can sample it
    And do their own ”original version”…

  • Actually, he didn’t just pitch the vocal, but the entire track. I guess some (and himself) thought that it was too low. The vocal didn’t live through the transition as well as the instrumental though.

  • This track would be such a decent track with the original pitch. It’s a shame, really

  • It was better before.. besides im already tired of the song before they release it :o

  • Yes, the old version was better, but this track will be Beatport #1 anyway

  • Progressive house?! Avicii cannot even spell that word!!

    This is cheesy electronic pop at best…

  • I don’t get the artwork…

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