With the remains of their latest single release ‘Roll The Dice‘ still doing the rounds, Swedish duo Dimitri Vangelis and Wyman’s return for round two of their exciting signing to Virgin Records. While the majority of their previous works may have been laden in perky synths, their second mark in 2012 sees the Stockholm duo wander out of their comfort zone for their possibly best work to date. Dealing in grinding and emotively charged chords as well as an array of pumping beats, ‘Russia’ is an epitome of why many have deemed them to be one of the more notable break-throughs this year.

‘Russia’ is released on May 21st via Virgin Records.

Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman – Russia


18 Comments to “Preview: Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman – Russia [Virgin]”

  • best newcomers.

  • sjukligt dålig enligt mig, inget som helst tryck

  • Låten har potential men melodin borde ha utvecklats. Blev lite enformig. Roll the dice är 10x bättre. Väntar fortfarande på vocal version av den.

  • I like it. Reminds me of Arty – Around The World in some weird way

  • Shit vad tråkigt… Alla låtar är så tråkiga nu mera.

  • Damn, this was a really boring track..

  • This was really boring

  • Näääääe nu blev jag besviken :( Tyckte väldigt mycket om Roll The Dice, såg verkligen fram emot deras nästa produktion, och så kommer dem med det här.. Två tummar ner från mig!

  • This sucks. Very boring track and melody.

  • I hate the current house sound…………..

  • As everybody else already stated. BORING!

  • As everybody have stated already. BORING!

  • Anton 2 – it reminds me of another Arty Track, Mozart, in some strange way.

  • this does very little to me, sorry. 13 in a dozen .

  • i don’t get how it’s boring, i really like this. i guess it’s just a matter of taste!

  • I really love this type of music, but this one just don’t got that hype that people was waiting for i think. :)

  • Not as good as Roll the dice. Still pretty damn good.

  • Wait until you hear the full version w/ the first drop…

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