Rejected’s Dusty House series of EPs has easily become one of the most highly adorned Tech House instalments to date. But after a sterling series of offerings from the likes of Nic Fanciulli and Daniell Dubb, the labels ringmaster and enigmatic Dutch club bandit Joris Voorn returns to the driving seat to follow-up the original 2009’s standard setting EP ‘Room 1’. Three-years down the line, Voorn’s impeccable ear for the imperfect House cut remains inherently superior.

Where ‘Spank The Maid’ places an entourage of inspired grooves alongside the all too familiar resonance of Voorn’s decisive vocal sample work, it’s astounding transitions and consistent energy work wonders. Add the sharp riffs and disjointed chords that make up ‘Goodbye Fly’ and Room 6 remains as crucial to the realms of trend-dodging House as its predecessor did several years before.

The EP is released on April 30th via Rejected.

Joris Voorn – Spank The Maid / Goodbye Fly EP

Update: The previews were taken off Soundcloud, and will re-appear on Joris Voorn’s Soundcloud shortly. Until then, here are some YouTube rips

Goodbye Fly (N.B. The track starts at 1:10 in the video above)

Spank The Maid

Words by Dan Carter

8 Comments to “Preview: Joris Voorn – Spank The Maid / Goodbye Fly EP [Rejected]”

  • Oh god yes! Spank the maid, how long has it been? 2 years? Fantastic tune!

  • jooooris! Quality house music from the best producer these days

  • goodbye fly will be all over the place this summerrrr

  • goodbye fly, simply amazing!

  • awesome!!!

  • Nice tracks! Real house music at its best! Great work Joris….

  • both tracks are amazing.. spank he maid is my favorite

  • The beauty is that is sounds so naturally easy, its scaringly close to perfect. Delicious!!!

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