Just weeks away from the release of this highly anticipated Pryda album, BBC Radio unveil yet another gem from Swedish House veteran Erick Prydz as he triumphs under the guise of his more melodic studio personality. Formerly known as ‘Latitude’ to those with an ear for his anonymous tracks, ‘Javlar’ extends the excitement for a landmark that his fans have waited ever so patiently for.

Pitting deep and darkly tuned riffs alongside the beautifully ornamented lead work, the track provides an aptly melodic sanctuary of emotive piano riffs and stern beats that echo the very core of what has made the Pryda moniker such a momentous movement in European Dance music. Where fears may have collected that this 3-disc endeavour would become the dumping ground for an array of pointless remixes, ‘Javlar’ is yet another indicator that Prydz still has a lot to shout about where innovative Dance music is concerned.

‘Javlar’ is released on May 21st.

N.B. The track starts at 1:45 in the video above just after an interview with Eric Prydz himself.

Words by Dan Carter

25 Comments to “Preview: Pryda – Javlar [Virgin]”


  • Jävlar!


  • This might just be the best house track I have ever heard. Hands down to Eric

  • C-c-c-c-combobreaker.

  • Jvlar!

  • Woohoo! JÄVLAR

  • wait a minute went masturbating

  • @MICK



  • This. Is. Forjavla brah. Tack Prydz!

  • I know it’s often thrown around at a different track every week, but this is most likely the greatest song ever made! If you don’t like this you have absolutely zero taste! And I don’t care if it’s just your opinion. If you don’t like this musical masterpiece you’re wrong. Simple as that.

  • This track is known as Berns ID 001, ”Latitude” is a fake name who some random dude on youtube came up with…

  • Hisha: Indeed.. We basically just mentioned that this has mainly been known as ‘Latitude’. :)

  • I gave it the name ”Latitude” haha.

    Great track but way too late, it blew me away like 3 years ago.


  • O M G! Have been in love with this track for FAR too long! FINALLY <3

  • This is 4 my hardcore fans haha! Pryda 4 president

  • MAGIC! This man is from another level, another planet, another universe!

    Album of the year for sure and it’s not even the ”real” album! Let’s just hope he keeps his word (for once) and comes out with the full artist album by the end of the year as stated. Who is gonna top this? My guess is NOBODY unless Deadmau5 puts his head down for some serious work…

  • incroyable like every Pryda track

  • Pryda är en jävla kung!

  • LATITUDE!!!!!!!!!

  • carlsberg doesn’t do albums, but if we did, this would probably be the best album in the world!

  • Finally, I have been waiting 3 years for this tune since I first heard it at Berns 2009

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