After a brief digression into the realms of chart-savvy Electro House, the world was quite well persuaded that Wolfgang Gartner had returned to old habits. But in the latest instalment for his own Kindergarten Recordings, the LA based bronco takes another unexpected turn from his comfort zone.

Ditching the grinding chords and solid low-end chemistry for ‘Redline’, Gartner’s usual entourage is flatlined for a more melodically persuasive garment of Progressive induced chord play far closer to that of his European peers. But proving as masterful outside of his comfort zone, ‘Redline’ remains as energetic under the guise of this new studio ensemble and suggests a sudden yet persuasive turn to the softer shores of Electronic Dance Music from here onwards.

‘Redline’ is set to be released on May 1st via Kindergarten Recordings.

Wolfgang Gartner – Redline

Words by Dan Carter

9 Comments to “Preview: Wolfgang Gartner – Redline [Kindergarten]”

  • This new wolfgang gartner is good and all, but I prefer the gartner that made space junk. Then again, don’t we all? Sounds alright

  • very very good, love it!

  • Anton & Co: Appropå ingenting – vore det inte kul (och bra) med en post om Heartbeats på 6an om Lux o gänget…? finns ju trots allt engelska subtitles så det funkar ju för alla utländska läsare också! :) vore kul om det fick lite views så det blir mer sånt på tv!

  • Zetheiser: Bra idé, ska kolla på det :)

  • it needs more drums imo

  • Trey – couldnt agree more. I like the old wolfgang better.. :( still his new songs arent bad, the old ones are just better.

  • There is just nothing very special in his new songs i think…

  • Quite good stuff

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