Swedish newcomers Qulinez have established themselves as a fearless force amid their ascent to universal acknowledgement. Stumbling into the hands of Steve Angello’s Size Records with the Pete Tong approved winter anthem ‘Troll’, the young Scandinavian duo set their sights on the unsuspecting realms of Welsh alternative trio The Joy Formidable’s ‘A Heavy Abacus’.

Bringing an elegant array of melodic leads alongside the original’s quirky vocal line, their apex is somewhat flat compared to that of their standard setting industry debut. Nevertheless bridging the gap between the unsuspecting original and the club floor to which Qulinez are proving aptly suited for with significant strength, ‘A Heavy Abacus’ is a track to which their studio capabilities successfully cater for.

The Joy Formidable – A Heavy Abacus (Qulinez Remix) [Canvasback / Atlantic Records] – Beatport Link

Update: SoundCloud is back up.

Words by Dan Carter

25 Comments to “Release: The Joy Formidable – A Heavy Abacus (Qulinez Remix) [Atlantic]”

  • Definately the worst track in the last couple of weeks! Seriously, so bad

  • Great break, really annoying lead.

  • Hits for kidz -96!!

  • ….haha, lägg ner vafan

  • hade helt klart varit en megahit på playahead, tyvärr var den tiden för 4 år sen. har ingen direkt konstruktiv kritik, men jag hoppar hellre från kaknästornet än har den här i min iPod.

  • ”men jag hoppar hellre från kaknästornet än har den här i min iPod.” :D dagens

  • They should do a collab with DJ mangoo – eurodancer, back to the 90s.
    Seriouslly, how can they allow this? I thought these boys were signed to SIZE….
    Worst song in a VERY long time, I hope you’re not beeing serious about liking this track BeatMyDay, very strange that you put up a bad track like this…

  • I definitely don’t like this track, but come on… show some manners!

    Discussing like fucking 3 year olds does not help your case.. Some people like this, some don’t, move on. It seems like exaggerating negative opinions is the highlight of the day for people nowadays.

  • Ricky +1

    Giving a bad track your attention will only increase the tracks chances of blowing up even more. The best thing you can do about it is just ignore it.

    For the record, insane vocal but that highpitched synth is too much for me. Still waiting for this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5ifRuoYEMw anyone know when that is getting released?

  • I guess I’m the only one who thinks this songs is incredible… lol . But it is.

  • But also when Tiesto dropped this at Ultra (I was there) the crowd went crazy.

  • @Yvan Loral:

    That’s what you expect how they’re next release would sound like!

  • I really wonder how these guys got signed to Size. Troll was great, but everything I’ve heard from them since is a bit cheesy. This is especially cheese. They’re losing me quickly…

  • This song is awesome, i dont know why it’s getting so much hate on this site. The lead in is a little weak, much better when mixed well during a live set, like tiesto did at ultra.

    Any Qulinez doubters NEEEED to listen to their 30 minute guest mix on cr2 radio, it is absolute fire

  • I have to agree with TJ! The ID track Yvan linked is pretty much in the same school as troll

  • lol guys what is this hate? i think it’s a very good track i love the melody and the vocals with the whole quilinez style. if you want to name a really bad track in the last couple weeks consider about tiesto’s ‘Somebody I Used To Know’ remix…

  • I really like this tune!

  • Definitely not better than Troll, but i really like this track, don’t understand all the hate

  • Qulinez is not able to produce anything good.. i guess they just had a bit of luck with their Troll track..

  • vickeiy +1

  • I think it’s really good

  • I really lost hope for these boys.

  • I think it’s NAIIIIICE :D but now i’m done with this song .. next release is already available!!! :) ye

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