Straight from the heart and soon to appear on his highly anticipated Pryda album, Eric Prydz has but a lot of soul into the tracks that make up his debut full-length endeavour. But exclusively previewed by Zane Lowe on Radio One, a heartfelt tribute to his daughter ‘Leja’ is the latest gem to emerge ahead of its May release.

Described by the Swedish heavyweight himself as something you would expect to hear in an obscure 70’s movie, Prydz’s most down-tempo endeavour to date leads with succinct ambient character throughout. Still sweeping through the divine lead work and robustly tailored melodies that his Pryda moniker has established as its calling card, ‘Leja’ is yet another perfect dimension to the many musical identities Erick Prydz has juggled with such solid integrity over the years.

‘Leja’ is released on May 21.

Words by Dan Carter

7 Comments to “Preview: Pryda – Leja [Virgin]”

  • Nice one!

  • Not my favorite but cool to see so many different styles on the album

  • B-e-a-utiful!

  • Truly beautiful song, and it builds up so nicely through the entire song. Great encore track!

    Looking forward to hearing longer previews of Sunburst and Beyond 8, those two sound fantastic in the iTunes previews.

  • I dont like the bassline sound and the last notes. Sounds a bit off.

    Love the oldskool vibe though!!

  • One of my favorites, I can’t get it out of my head. A true masterpiece.

  • Great vibe, epic.

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