While the Axwell mix has by fans and DJs alike been rated one of the hottest progressive anthem of the year thus far, there has been something of a mysterious buzz surrounding whenever the original of Ivan Gough and Feenixpawl’s ‘In My Mind’ was to enter the limelight. Returning for round two, the original mix of ‘In My Mind’ is out and it’s sounding, well, a bit different yet very similar to Axwell’s previously released version.

While it may upon first listen be hard to truly comprehend the actual differences between the original and Axwell’s acclaimed take, there are indeed a few. The most notable differences are probably the arrangement of Georgi Kay’s divine top line in the second interlude, the length of the second drop and the outro, but despite the original actually holding the cooler arrangement of the two, what makes Axwell’s version stand out more is not the reduced length or the simpler arrangement but its increased quality in sound and production.

The Australian foursome should be given eulogy for bringing one of the most infectious tracks of the year thus far to the table and despite the fact that Axwell’s edit will most likely still be the more acknowledged version by the end of the year, the original’s more unique approach makes it worth a listen and purchase.

Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl feat. Georgi Kay – In My Mind (Original Mix) [Neon Records] – Trackitdown Link
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(Original Mix) [7:22]

And so you can compare to the Axwell mix:

Read about the story behind the collaboration here.



25 Comments to “Release: Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl ft. Georgi Kay – In My Mind (Original)”

  • Im no pro or something, but it feels like the original is badly mastered, mixed or w/e you say. Like the sounds dont go so good together as in axwells mix.

  • Any information when the original version of ”Resurrection” is going to be released?

  • or mayby its just the quality of that upload, idk..

  • qwerty: Nah, read the text and you’ll understand :)

    Leri: Probably never. Axtone said when the Axwell mix of this one was released that the original would be available at a later date. They didn’t when ‘Resurrection’ came out.

  • I find it ridiculous that axwell does such minor changes, calls it his edit and releases it first.

  • @oij
    C’mon you must be joking, sound-wise and production-wise the tracks are ridicously different. Axwells version is a masterpiece compared to the original. It would have never been as big as it is today without axwells edit and fine-tuning.

  • Come on…we know 90% of the reason for a ‘Axwell Mix’ is just so Axwell’s name is in the track and so it goes to no.1 on Beatport

  • @oij seriously? It’s called an edit because he changes a few things so that the track fits better to his sound,simply as that.

  • @oij

    Its called promoting…

  • I thought Axwell only put his name on it. Guess i was wrong, original sucks.

  • Original sounds shit, Axwell mix all the way

  • Gustav: You should get your ears looked up if you think this sucks. This sounds great in my opinion. Not as epic as the Axwell remix/edit/mix, but not even close to being bad.

  • Not even on Axtone :D and I think everybody knows the reason why :D

  • The main reason that Axwell edited is for the promotion, he wanted to make the song & these guys known, and glad that he did. And it also sounds better in Axwell’s Mix, mastering is perfect and these little details are awesome.

  • I would say that the edit is 60% Promoting – 40% Editing (Mastering, tweaking etc)

  • Just have to say thi,

    Listened to the 2 of them and the sounds are extremely different… if you lolkk at the whole track ”Axwell verison It’s a better mix, They are glued together in a better way and the top sosynths are… warmer with a brighter feel. The shorter Second drop is most likely cus he felt that’d be better for HIM in a DJ set, could also be because a long drop makes it… boring. TI have shit loads to say about this especially the sound differences but i doubt you wanna hear them and i cba writing it all down… But Original is a B mix, Axwell mix is an A mix!

  • Axwell, how much would I have to pay you to promote my track that i made with ot the help of you? Well Ian and Feenixpawl, its too late I already stole it but here’s a half eaten chocolate bar, its alllllllll abouuuuuuuttttt the moneyyyyyyyyyy, i’m a fucking sell out!! Peace bitches.

  • If it wasnt for Axwell mix/Edit this track would not have had 90% of the impact it did. Don’t get me wrong the original is still a good track, but lacks emotion & the sounds don’t glue together, Axwell is a genious, and his midas touch is enough to turn a good track into a masterpiece.

  • @Mike lmao your a big faggot tbh. Axwell promoted them because they deserved with this amazing track, not about the money… jeez.

  • maybe a lot of people could say thah the axwell mix is for promoting, and maybe are right, but also is true that I feel a big impact on the ”axwell mix” and minor but Big changes in the MIX that i cant feel in this tune, actually axwell mix is one of my favorite tracks.

  • Still a boring track :/

  • The ‘Original Release’ is best than Axwell version. =D

  • Axwell is a lot more about-the-money now than he was earlier on but hey, he’s a genius and has been for so many years in the dark, let the guy enjoy it for a while. All the folks saying he just edited this for promotion, just who/what do you think he was promoting? He was promoting these guys and their amazing song!!

  • any differences to axwell mix??? :D

  • Ewwww gross. The original is so UGLY!

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