If the past decade is any indication, Axwell is a modern Electronic Dance Music icon of the highest calibre. Be it his widely known perfectionism or simply his vast creativity and sense for what’s a hit and what’s not, but an Axwell track has never had any problems in finding its spot amongst the créme de la créme of club music anthems.

But in a bid to promote this year’s Where’s The Party? by Carlsberg parties across Sweden, Axwell ups the ante to preview a brand-new solo production. While the Swedish House don has made himself known through a studio output of blissful summer anthems, more recent times have proven that he is not one to refrain from trying new times. With last year’s ‘Heart Is King’ under his belt, Axwell continues to digress from his signature sound for what appears to be this year’s follow-up. Blending minimalistic beats and a set of heavily distorted chords with Ax’s knowledge on all things producing, his latest track to venture clubland is one of equally impressive fashion as last year’s predecessor.

More info on the release as we get it.

Video courtesy of our friends over at Cuepoint TV


40 Comments to “Axwell previews brand-new track for 2012 in fresh promo video”

  • Hahah, thats so funny

  • Whooo hooo! First comment! :D (Sorry for the excitement) Really happy to see that Axwell has been wroking on something new of his own! :)

  • God… music shit :(

  • This ain’t no axwell track. I think it is made by the cuepoint guys

  • ha ah… I expected something more melodic for dear old axwell

  • manu: Haha.. It is indeed an Axwell production. Axwell will be posting this video on his fan page tomorrow.

    If it’s ever getting released, however, is arguable.

  • If he adds a melodic breakdown to this like he did heart is king, it’ll be brilliant!

  • Wau. Sound really interesting!

  • The video isnt loading for me…anyone else?

  • @Anton Are you 100% positive? Not only does it completely goes against anything that is Axwell musically, but he is also nowhere credited in the description.

  • ”If it’s ever getting released, however, is arguable.”
    Yeah because it sounds like … you know ;)

  • Joel k: hahahha fan va kass du är inte först

  • Vincent: We’re told it is an Axwell track. Also, not only is this video made by request from Carlsberg and Axwell and confirmed by both, but in the video you can hear a radio voice presenting ”a brand-new track from Axwell”. I highly doubt Axwell would confirm the video if it wasn’t true.

    For the record; some of you might remember, some don’t, but Cuepoint actually did a similar promotion for the track we now know as ‘Heart Is King’ back in 2010. The video is unfortunately not live anymore, but it was a 1:30 video for Carlsberg and Axwell that got released around August/September 2010, playing the first 90 secs of ‘Heart Is King’. Oh, and no, that video didn’t include any music credit either.

    manu: If Axwell’s past has taught us anything, the release will probably be a while.. If we were to take the last promotion of this kind as an example, this track will be released in December 2013, haha.

    Ricky +1 add a melodic interlude and this will go bonkers.

  • what are people talking about?, the track is fat and doesnt sound ”like everything else”

  • can’t believe axwell did this…

  • Filip, noone has mentioned that the track sounds ”like everything else”, they’ve just said that the track sucks, which it does, in my opinion that is. It’s pretty unique though and could be much better with a melodic breakdown as Rick pointed out.

  • Lets not jump ahead of ourselves here, this video gives us a very restricted view on the track. He should be given plenty of brownie points for trying out new sounds.

    Haha actually sounds like something you would hear in a beer commercial ^^

  • Why does everyone hate? This sounds like something new and I’ll give it a chance, especially since Axwell is a damn genius.

  • It’s impossible to judge a song from that short of a preview, but it just sounds like a commercialized electro/dubstep track, and a really dumbed down one, too.

  • Finally Axwell gives up the melodic commercial pop shit. Hopefully no melodic breaks.

  • I guess I am the only one who thinks the picture of Axwell looks… retarded?

  • @Dave: Well, this is generic electro pop shit… I don’t know what’s worse…..

  • Fet!

  • Nice beat, too early to say more!

    But Axwell if you please read this!



  • SIlle +1

  • Vad händer med Think About it och Centrer of the Universe?

  • I hope its not the final version…

  • I like the track, and we all know that Axwell is making magic when introducing ”melodic breakdowns” in his tracks, but why EVERY one should be like that? why can’t it be something kinda more serious and dark maybe? ”Inside Of Me” style anyone? Can’t he broaden his music style? At last something new in this mist of over repeated shit that is going on now will be a nice change. BUT to judge the full thing, we must hear the FULL thing first, don’t we?

  • nice beat but i don’t really understand all the buzzing around this !

  • Pretty sick if you ask me, atleast it’s not like the track is something simple. But it’s unique :D

  • Maaagic!!!!! the track is brilliant and the video = insane

  • Nice track!? It has a nice and interesting beat to it, but Axwell….Where’s The Music?!

  • How can anybody think this is good? You have to be musically retarden to think this is good. Music needs some kind of tonality to even be called music… This is just one of the worst songs i’ve ever heard.

  • @Sille
    Sille says:

    Nice beat, too early to say more!

    But Axwell if you please read this!



    OMG! What an amazing track! I love it! very ”axwellish” !

  • I can’t believe why anyone would listen to that shit. I just wish Axwell focused on his productions and RELEASING them instead of touring with the SHM and playing the same boring tracks over and over.

    I’d sacrifice SHM over Axwell anyday. He is the ONLY consistent house producer out there, and I wish that less people took the boring SHM/Knife Party/Nicky Romero style with boring drops. I want Axwell’s melodicness back into the game. NOW.

  • Preben +1

  • This sounds really really good if you ask me! I dig it a lot, apart from not having a melodic interlude and any other typical stuff Axel does. This really is top notch regarding the quality of the production!

  • I don’t think this preview comes close to the eventual track. My guess (or well, hope) is that it’ll just be a first drop, and that Ax is yet to surprise us with some more impressive stuff for the breakdown and second drop.

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