Newfound American Electro steed and young creative maestro Pierce Fulton is evidently not out to be typecast. Following up earlier outing ‘Who Wants Spaghetti’ for Cr2 Records, Fulton embraces his more down tempo mindset for a rather divergent instalment into his already eclectic studio output. Leading with the docile beats and emotive chord progressions of ‘10/ 6 (That Should Do), Fulton unveils a distinct maturity to his musical stylings that few could have anticipated despite the array of quirky samples that accompany it.

Following with the perfect amalgamation of Aphex Twin and early Massive Attack, ‘West Egg’ proves a neurotic instalment of solitary leads and eerie atmospheric developments amid its gradually developing energy. On the back of his successive live outings and the previously assumed apex of his musical value, Fulton proves himself the black horse of Electro House with a breathtaking transition from the norms of EDM.

Words by Dan Carter

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  • This is actually really good.. I don’t see any DJ playing these, but this is just golden laidback EDM.

  • 2012 is breakingthrough for him !!

  • epic

  • really love it..evokes emotions!

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