As the inspired leading lady behind an inherently ambient movement in Progressive House music, Switzerland’s Tamara Hunkeler has certainly turned some heads with her melodically refined studio work of late. Taking the renowned LA beachfront as the stimulus for the headliner of her next musical manoeuvre, ‘Venice Beach’ is most certainly in tune with its infamous chill factor.

From the outset of its ambient array of chord progressions, Dinka leads with solid melodic progressions rather than atypical club fuel to deliver a superior piece of Electronic music aptly catered for the sun kissed summer season. Proving substance over style with the aid of her own delicate vocal work, Dinka returns ahead of the game once again and shows little sign of being beaten at the emotively tuned tracks she has come to specialise in. Add the downright divine lead work of ‘Elevation’, ‘Toes in the Sand’s unique concoction of bird twitter and heartfelt chords as well as two seductive downtempo cuts, and Dinka’s ‘Innocence EP’ is unquestionably her most emotive offering to date.

Dinka – Innocence EP [Unreleased Digital] – Beatport Link

Dinka – Venice Beach
Dinka – Elevation / Magnolia
Dinka – Toes In The Sand
Dinka – Innocence

/Dan Carter & Anton

7 Comments to “Release: Dinka – Innocence EP”

  • that is what i call quality progressive music !

  • WOAA, elevation is insane… too bad the drop ruins it a bit

  • love her :) :) :)

  • Never Dissapoints! Awesome music!

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