Joel Zimmerman has never been one for convention. Already associated with technical Electro House cuts and mouse heads of assorted technological advances, his Pete Tong premiered new single opens yet more creative boundaries under the illustrious Deadmau5 moniker. Stumbling upon up and coming vocal talent Chris James on Twitter, ‘The Veldt’ pits his divine top line against a host of deeply melodic progressions and ambient leads.

Based upon American fantasy writer Ray Bradbury’s ‘The Veldt’, imagination truly surpasses fashion for this emotively tuned journey of blissful Electronic manoeuvres. Those who thought they had Deadmau5 figured out are sure to be pleasantly surprised by this collection of beautiful and intimate digressions from a force still to be reckoned with in global Dance music.

Deadmau5 feat. Chris James – The Veldt [Mau5trap Recordings] – iTunes Link
Beatport Link

Words by Dan Carter

45 Comments to “Release: Deadmau5 feat. Chris James – The Veldt [Mau5trap]”

  • Best track of the year.

  • Nice tune. However, this is very similar to many of his earlier Chords of Life tunes. ”Opens yet more creative boundaries under the illustrious Deadmau5 moniker” is therefore incorrect imo :D

  • @M, who cares what preset he uses? everyone has the right on their own opinion but your opinion is worthless. This track is beautifuly crafted and contains a lot of emotion, best track in a long time imo!

  • What a beauty :)
    especially when you watched him making it.

  • Great track, Agreed

  • I can’t see how anyone would have anything bad to say about this track. It’s perfection from beginning to end.

  • And by the way, if you haven’t read Ray Bradbury’s ”The Veldt”, do it. It makes the impact of the song so much stronger. Truly amazing!

  • Amazing track! Deadmau5 is the best instrumental dj… simply awesome!

  • dududududududududududu, epic

  • he definitely doesn’t use chords of life… lol

  • Love these types of styles deadmau5 produces!

    I thought ‘The Veldt EP’ would be released…or I have I got it wrong?

  • Another weak deadmau5 prod, i think we lost him with fame

  • absolutely stunning

  • @JSR let’s see you produce something.

  • clearly one of the best tracks so far this year!

  • @JSR Clearly must have some typ of hearing disorder.

  • Haven’t been overly thrilled with mau5’s latest releases (Maths & Aural Psynapse) but this track makes up for it, tune of the year.

  • Pure cheese. Don’t like anything about it. Then again I think Deadmau5 is crazy overrated.

  • Going back to his progressive days!

  • Baaaaah = Troll of the year

  • Good to see Skrillex back in great form :D Just started making my own tunes (with Dr Drum) and this is the stuff that motivates me ;)

  • @auroraE
    are you fucking drunk?

  • SKRILL really dropped the bass on this one!

  • When does he release the 11min edit? Great track fyi!

  • Well: June 25 as part of the ”The Veldt EP”, also featuring ‘Failbait’. Hopefully the Tommy Trash remix will also be released as part of that package.

  • I dont really like him but this prick can produce good music. Not a fan of this genre but it is still good music.

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  • What a beauty :)
    especially when you watched him making it.

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