It began on the club floor, but the reach of Electronic music has never greater than it is today. At the forefront of Europe’s revolutionary movements, the Swedish House Mafia need little introduction to the world of popular music. Though their accession to universal heights may have struck discord amid a selection of House aficionados, their ability to make the genre accessible has not made Steve Angello, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso any less unpredictable. But however intangible it may seem, a new track featuring the familiar vocal stylings of American pop sensation Usher is set to stir up heated discussions all across the globe.

Pitting Usher’s emotive top line alongside high-pitched synth work, ‘Euphoria’ plays further testament to the increasingly popular crossover of two now not so different sides of Electronic music. Despite formally being an Usher track, SHM’s indiscreet energy charges a stern sense of quality into this impending radio anthem. With further high-profile outings alongside Skrillex and Ellie Goulding for the near future, ‘Euphoria’ will never formally carry the trios name, but remains yet another indicator that the Swedes are never scared to build upon their universal reputation within modern music.

‘Euphoria’ will be released on June 12 as part of Usher’s forthcoming seventh studio album. Also appearing on the album is ‘Numb’ – another Swedish House Mafia-produced new Usher single.

Update: Full HQ sample for the track added

/Anton & Dan Carter

83 Comments to “Preview: Usher – Euphoria (Produced by Swedish House Mafia)”

  • Waiting for better previews, but before hating enjoy the instrumental and the voice of Usher is also pretty good for house tracks.

  • @anton is this the one that made someone cry? please tell me it isn’t…

  • De ska också göra en ny låt med John Martin?

  • feels a bit… random. disappointed!

  • Carl: Yes.

  • Loreen remix? lol


  • schysst drop!

  • Swedish Pop Mafia

  • It’s official…. SHM is the new David Forgetta !

  • But it’s Usher. Usher is like the definion of mainstream pop music.

  • @melfres This is not the track that is emotional and that made someone cry. That track isn’t finished yet, therefore it has not been played…

  • Hahahah i feel sorry for the guys in SHM. Seems like they’ve sold their souls to EMI and all the other major labels. When money is all you care for, this is how it ends up.

  • Just to be clear, this is officially more of an Usher track than it is a Swedish House Mafia track. Martin Solveig produces for Madonna, Axwell produced a recent Flo Rida record just to mention a couple, so make sure you don’t confuse this collaboration too much with the path Swedish House Mafia are taking on their own.

  • @dj_p thank you for clearing that up

  • @Crofan SHM is not a old man that gets carried by famous voices even when its contained of bad melodies and they dont suck live too

  • @anton : Is there also an instrumental mix ? :)

  • @Laurens I don’t think so. I heard the (Mainstream Mix) was the only one they will release. Along with (Popping it up to another mainstream level Mix)

  • @Anton

    Yeah, but when Axwell produces for Florida he doesn’t put out his name in the title. If SHM just wanted to produced this track it would have been ”Usher – Euphoria” Produced by: Swedish House Mafia, but as long as their names is in the title it’s just as much Usher as SHM, imo.

  • @Brorsan – in terms of live performance SHM is better, never the less equally sell out / commercial no matter how you look at it.

    @ Anton (regarding your comment) I’m so looking forward to the tables are turning and the EDM hype is over (RnB hype lasted maybe 10 years). Who is then going to produce for Axwell, SHM, Calvin H and Martin S?? Hahaha… The ”true to the genre” fans will have moved on, and the pop chart fans have followed the main_stream and jumped on the boat to the next big thing arising on the trendy sky…

  • Its funny that almost everyone focus on the namn usher insted Of the tune.
    I think its hard to hear the tune. I wait for a propper previewe

  • @Magnus I can’t see how it matters. I doubt they chose to work with Usher because of his ”amazing and unique sound that nobody else has”. The smell of money reeks a long way.

  • Marcus: But then again, we don’t know if this track will officially carry the name of Swedish House Mafia or not ;)

  • They played it at a gig for god sakes. Haven’t heard Axwell play ‘Wild Ones’, have you?

  • @oij but is the track better if they dont make any money on it?
    If the track is good ist good money or not.
    I dont say its good but you shouldent judge the track just becuse usher is on the cover.

    SHM have fight for the fame, they are not a TV product

  • FYI, SHM sold all of their 2011 concerts for 1 million euros to split on the three of them. I’d say they’ve sold out a while ago. They are becoming and will become a TV product.

  • Before you rinse SHM for collaborating with Usher, remember that even Mark Knight has produced for fucking Black Eyed Peas and Diplo isn’t exactly a spring chicken where mainstream diversity is concerned. Not new, not controversial, just music.

  • @oij Is it a bad thing. Is it sell out have full concerts?

  • terrible

  • @Magnus That’s not what i’m saying. They sold the rights to their own concerts, to where they should be and when. That’s up to an agency/management to decide. They can’t choose shit for themselves, they are owned by labels and agencies.

  • @oij

    You should think things through before you comment. So you’re a sell out if you sign with a label/agency? Shit, that must mean you now also find Eric Prydz a sell-out considering he just signed with EMI :D

    The actual collab is not music to my ears but the track itself sounds pretty decent. Nothing extraordinary, but definitely not terrible. Excited to hear what the drop you can hear the beginning of sounds like.

    @Dan Carter

    Well said.

  • Come on guys….we all have to wait for a full preview in a good quality to actually judge the track musically rather than who is on the vocals….. Don’t hate, Apreciate ;)

  • @Magnus

    Va på din första kommentar…


    You pretty much said it. And also, I’m fucking allergic to Usher’s plastic and constructed voice, therefore everything he is involved in sounds so cheap and terrible, but that’s just my opinion.

  • lol but both Diplo and Mark Knight are not in the bright media focus as SHM are.
    To go furtherm Diplo does simply whatever he wants so but SHM are just following the mainstream.

  • As far as I heard the Track will not be named as a featuring with SHM.
    Swedish House Mafia are just the producers. Diplo ist also producer for Ushers new track ”Climax”. And you don’t see his name too.

  • we’ve lost another 3 heavyweights of house by the hand of u.s.a singers

  • Alan is right bout the Climax track, just like ojj about the Wild Ones.. Let’s just wait for some official preview and ofcourse the release.
    But whats the difference between ”Euphoria” and ”Numb”?!

  • If this isn’t a Swedish House Mafia & Usher-track, the title is very MISLEADING.

  • ”Just to be clear, this is officially more of an Usher track than it is a Swedish House Mafia track. Martin Solveig produces for Madonna, Axwell produced a recent Flo Rida record just to mention a couple, so make sure you don’t confuse this collaboration too much with the path Swedish House Mafia are taking on their own.”

    Fan det löjligaste jag hört, skulle det vara någon sorts ursäkt till något? Det är väl för fan precis den här vägen de väljer att ta haha? Så det shm kollektivet som gör låtar utan usher är ett annat kollektiv än det shm som gör låtar med ushar och andra liknande? ^^

  • Steve said on twitter those two are only shm PRODUCED singles, no featuring tracks!

  • @oij i now understand your point if it. And i dont agree.
    I think a good track is a good track even if its Usher,
    Nicky Romero, Eric Prydz or avicii. I dont care if they are independent
    or on a big label.

  • @manu Steve Angello also said he doesn’t play pre-recorded gigs. LOL, gotcha.

  • heheh: Nej. Men kolla på Diplo till exempel. Han producerar sjukt mycket för radio artister, sen har han en helt annan karriär i klubbvärlden. Hänger du med? Det är en grej att SHM’s namn kommer vara med på låten men om de endast producerat låten är det en annan femma och bör ses mer som en Usher singel. Mer det jag ville framhäva, så folk har all fakta innan de ger deras bedömning ;)

  • I seriously hope this won’t be labled as ”Swedish House Mafia & Usher”, however I dont see why they would play it in their set if no credis to them would be given. However, it’s hard to judge the track just from a short live preview, who knows, the instrumental might be a fucking banger.

  • @Anton So… What you’re saying is that as long as you don’t put your name on it you’re fine, but if you do, you’re fucked and labeled mainstream? What’s the difference? They still produced the freaking crap.

  • Oij: No. Please read what I wrote before commenting. What I’m getting at is that this collaboration should NOT be confused with the path they are taking on their own considering this will not formally carry Swedish House Mafia’s name. I enhanced it due to obvious reasons.

    Look at it as two different careers if you will. One as behind-the-curtain producers and one as contributors to the club music scene.

    Jocke: They are and will be credited for the production but will not officially carry the Swedish House Mafia name.

  • @anton. Vill passa på att tacka för en riktigt bra sida.
    Jag tror inte jag hade orkat hålla på med den när det är så
    mycket hat och tonvis med kommentarer så fort ni lägger upp
    något från SHM, Avicii osv
    Och 2 till 3 kommentarer på okändare artister som
    alla borde gilla eftersom dom inte är ”sellouts”

    Har iofs sett att ni oxå har reklam på denna sida så då säljer ni er
    oxå. Akta så ni inte blir nya SHM, tjäna pengar är nämligen fult. OBS ironi

  • Magnus: Haha! Tack själv för att du/ni läser :)

    Marcus: Yes, changed the title after we got it confirmed that Swedish House Mafia’s will not formally be on the track when it gets released.

    Victor: There is no sample of ‘Numb’ out yet.

  • that hand is wasted!

  • I’m not familiar with SHM, but I’m a huge Usher fan and I like this track. It’s funny the SHM fans thinks this is selling out and the Usher R&B fans hate him doing dance tracks and think it’s a sellout. I like all types of music and if it’s good it’s good. This sound good to me.

    As for who’s track this is. It’s just like with Diplo, it’s on Usher’s album and SHM will get credit for producing it. No different than Pharrell, Timbaland, etc. So, all you SHM fans shouldn’t be mad at them producing a hot track.

  • Quite disturbing to see how many people can be so wrong about something. Sure, this collaboration would be fucking bad (all good now that we know theyre not on the actual track), but saying shm are following the mainstream is just ridiculous..

    ”One” was a completely fresh concept, so was Miami 2 Ibiza, Antidote and greyhound. Look at the past few years and you’ll realize its not shm that has gone mainstream, but the other way around. Much thanks to david guetta (whom i dont like but love for making way for club music producers)

    Of course, a collab with usher is pretty mainstream but im focusing on their own tunes

  • Fuck this, i’m going raggae

  • *cough* hans zimmer – time *cough*

  • Seriously you guys.. Just the matter of fact that Usher is featured on this track gets all your hate flowing. Lets say that the track would be called ”Swedish House Mafia – Euphoria” and the vocals would have been from some random, totally unknown singer, you would probably think it’s at least a decent track!

    Besides, you have to consider that music production is SHMs’ job. You can’t expect them to not want to earn as much money as possible… And now that house music is blowing up and every POP-STAR wants their songs to be HOUSE INSPIRED, of course the biggest HOUSE MUSIC PRODUCERS such as David Guetta, Avicii, Diplo and SHM will be the most sought after producers to produce pop songs as well.

    Best Regards Tom

  • We can bid farewell to SHM now, off to the ocean of the toxic radio. Who’s next?

  • Riktigt bra låt, älskar synten, och för att inte nämna droppet i slutet!!
    Riktigt bra produktion av SHM, och en framtida bra release av USHER.

  • I agree with Tom. Seriously guys….let them do what they love to do, that is produce good music. They seem to be having fun. By the way….i am sure they will be back with the next house anthem fosho!!!

    (PS: I love ALL kinds of music)

  • What Tom & Vince are failing to understand is that people are hating because of the feeling and relationship they have towards the artist (in this case SHM). They feel like they have been let down due to the choice of teaming up with a hip-hop artist. A pretty sucky one at that. (imo)

    Hate might seem lame and disrespectful, but you can’t defend the artists and producers all the time. They don’t produce for themselves, they produce for the crowd (haters included). So yes, they want to make money. Given. But one should be careful when choosing collabo-partners. Because the support or hate is more often based on the feeling of the listener, and not about the end result of the track. It’s like watching a movie with an amaaazing script. But when they decide to cast Ben Affleck it’s all ruined. So it doesnt really matter how good the track or the movie is; You NEEEEED to be careful when casting the lead roll. Otherwise a good track goes to waste. (This case?)

    bye-bye :)

  • @Jimmy You hit the head on the nail. EXACTLY right.

  • But why are axwell, angello & ingressos earlier productions for other artist not causing this riot?

    All of them have in earlier stages produced tunes for mainstreams artists, (google it)

    They are producing a track FOR Usher, with huge input from usher himself and the label, NOT producing a specific SHM-track. That’s why, imo, this whole debate is taking a wrong turn. This is a USHER track, not a SHM track

  • Zetheiser:

    You’re right. It’s an Usher track. That still it ends up on a SHM set.

  • @Zetheiser Jimmy is right on that one. Can’t deny the fact that they actually played it in their set.

  • oij: Funny thing though is that people who thought that track was huge before knowing it was Usher now thinks it sucks.

  • jimmy said it!

  • When I saw the title I thought that this one will suck .. but wow! Amazing production from SHM, but you can say what you want about Usher’s voice, but it’s fits very well in this one!

    Looking forward to hear it in full quality, hope they release a banging club mix of this one too! and instrumental ofc!

  • WOW WHAT A FUCKING SHOCKK!!! Naa just kidding, SHM sells out again, nothing new. Next.

  • I cannot understand why you put this song up here on the blog, and i cannot fucking believe they played it in their set..

    Still, people hating on this song, thats just ridiculous. I mean, this is an Usher song that SHM just produced for him. I think Axwell produced wild ones and im pretty sure that Angello produced Troublemaker by Taio Cruz. House artists does this cus they are talented producers and pop–musicians knows this. They have to make a living, right? ;-)

    It would be ”another femma” as you say in swedish if this song was named Usher ft. Swedish House Mafia – Euphoria tho..

  • I think It sounds great even without full quality. usher’s vocals have been the best since his confessions era. It should be his next single. Great production, nice team work with SHM.


    Exchange blogrolls? I need to get your attention somehow.

  • There’s no baseline? :(

  • *yawn*

  • Never liked Usher but this track is really fat in my opinon!

  • Preview? its the whole track!

  • @Tom: Actually the instrumental is pretty good, they could get something very good out of it.

  • Aura: Preview doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be just a snippet of a track..

  • Full Video with download link

  • Reason for uproar… because the ”enlightened” house fan that has taken upon themselves to hate on various music producers who have been making collabos such as this are pissed because the artists they just started getting into about 2… maybe 3 years ago were not yet ”commercial” and they looked ”sorta cool” to their friends by saying ”o yea, im into SHM, Avicii, Guetta, XXXX” and now they no longer have that to stand on because they are ridiculously commercial at this point, and for the most part these ”haters” dont go to underground house clubs, are pro DJs etc… who have to go outside the box to find other house music, and they remain listening to same artists over and over… just look at all headliners at every festival or every super club these days. This style of music is now barely house and is by no means the best to dance too, which i personally have always enjoyed about house music, and is the same exact format and style as they last ”progressive” house song that came out three days ago. With that said, I think SHM has been selling out, but who wouldnt, and the ppl that are hating on that are even worse than a sold out artist.

  • WTF Instrumental version pls!

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