In a stern nod towards quality House music and the impending summer season in Ibiza, Pete Tong wasted no time inaugurating inspired Italian duo Flashmob into the Radio One Essential Selection with their first essential new tune ‘Need In Me’ for Defected Records.

Placing insatiable groove work alongside an array of vintage lead work from the outset, ‘Need In Me’ is carried by one of the more formidable female top lines to emerge so far this year. Balancing deep-rooted soul alongside transient energy with maximal effect, there was no escaping the thought that despite being dubbed Essential Contender number 2, this should have been last weeks Essential New Tune with the right timing. But finally receiving the appraisal it deserves, Defected Records and Flashmob successfully wet the world’s appetite for the sun kissed clubbing moments ahead of us.

Flashmob – Need In Me [Defected Records] – Beatport Link

Words by Dan Carter

5 Comments to “Release: Flashmob – Need In Me [Defected]”

  • Now THIS is real house music. Awesome!

  • THis one reminds me of another ”classic house” release you posted here on BMD. Anyone have any idea which track it is? Some dude was singing..

  • Praiiiiiiise the looord! totally agree with you yvan, this is some nice house right there

  • @qwerty
    i think you’re speaking of Kings Of Tomorrow – Show me featuring Elzi Hall..also released on Defected about a week ago..both really nice tracks

  • qwerty: We post quite a lot of traditional house tracks these days, but you’re probably referring to ‘Show Me’ as Henry mentioned.

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