Head raising Swedish contender and firmly inaugurated Refune warrior Alesso breaks his somewhat silent studio output with a formative instalment ahead of the summer season. Following up from the vocal remake of collaborative anthem ‘Calling (Lose My Mind)’ alongside Sebastian Ingrosso, the devout Progressive player turns his head back to the heavier-set realms of EDM for ‘Clash’.

Leading with a darker sound scope than his later original offerings, ‘Clash’ is ornamented with a sophisticated collection of grinding chords and high-end lead play from the outset. Returning to his roots without a hint of regressive sound quality, the aggressive undertone of his triumphant return is more than satisfactory in terms of energy and attitude. With countless summer festival spots and yet more explosive material alongside Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello set to drop, there is no mystery as to why Alesso remains a dominant force among Sweden’s new school House elite.

More info on the release as we get it.

Words by Dan Carter

42 Comments to “Preview: Alesso – Clash”

  • He’s Back!

  • @Ritchie


  • Aweome!

  • could possibly his best production so far! I really love this track!!

  • This one is fucking AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESOME!!!!

  • f*cking alesso! awesome!

  • Utan tvekan det bästa han gjort!

  • Där är den ju! hörde den först på essential mixen.Helt klart det bästa utav Alesso!

  • @Mick Why ”unfortunately” ?

  • Clash is king!

  • Ni kan nog med god säkerhet skriva ut ” [Refune] ”


  • Sicksicksick! Really nice to hear somthing a little bit different from him!

  • Marcus: Lär ju bli så ja, haha. Dock ska man väl inte ta ut alltför mycket i förväg, avvaktar tills det är bekräftat :)

  • sounds great

  • outstanding, axwell played this a week ago!

  • låter bra


  • Äntligen något nytt på riktigt från Alesso!

  • this is so fucking good, dancefloor killer!

  • Way better than the cheese he has been putting out lately.

  • @trey indeed, i hope he continues down this road

  • this is how alesso is supposed to sound!

  • Ohhh, sista droppet = EXTAS

  • Same loop over and over and over again? Why not add a section with some nice melodic plucks?

  • EPIC! True party killer!!!

  • What do you mean by he’s made bad music lately? The only track he have done this year is Years and it’s legendery, don’t hate if you’re a fan.

  • Fucking power!

  • @mick: why are you saying unfortunately… for me at least this is something new and in a good way from alesso.. I was kind of sick & tired of all his releases so far…

  • Love the gun sound! Extremely good!

  • Years is legendary? LMAO.

  • sucks as usual

  • Hoppas Alesso fortsätter med denna stil, gillar inte hans lungare låtar…

  • Fucking awesome!!!

  • And what’s about ”Walden – Mono World (Original Mix)”? It’s officially FREE now! Btw,very strong theme ;)

  • this track is outstanding! in my opinion, it’s actually better than the amazing Pressure remix he did last year.. This is Alesso’s year!


  • This year, is Alesso’s year !

    He is better than Avicii, and lots of people thinked that Avicii was the best in 2012.
    But, Alesso is perfect, polyvalent :
    - Years
    - Clash
    - ID
    - Silenced The Night (remix)

    He can play and remix in many différents musics, like Avicii too. But it’s more beautiful, more technics, more perfect !

  • genious! awesome track!

  • what about his other IDs? does anybody know anything about them?

  • needs…to…..get…..released…..NOW

  • he destroyed the magic in this with the new tweaks :(

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