Now scaling the globe with outright chainsaw madness, Dutch Electro wiz R3hab certainly set himself in motion with inaugural Wall Recordings endeavour ‘The Bottle Song’. But revisited for a long-overdue release this month, some of the globes finest rising talents are summoned to breath new life into this very worthy breakthrough.

R3hab – The Bottle Song (The Remixes) [Wall Recordings] – Beatport Link

Stepping up to the mark after successive releases for Hardwell’s Revealed imprint, potent Dutch newcomer Dyro is first to bat for the remix package. Playing on the familiar simplicity of the original, his extensive layers of delicate melodics and grinding synths work in perfect unision to land a competent extension of the original’s energy.

Dyro Remix

Already grinding and banging their way into the spotlight on numerous occasions, Brazilian Electro House duo Darth & Vader go Dutch on their own Electro fuelled terms. Adding a deeper shade of eclectic key work to the originals familiar chord sequence, their intrinsically euphoric synth leads the path to ferocious chunk of adrenaline soaked club fuel from South America’s best kept secret until now.

Darth & Vader Remix

Having followed in the footsteps of his afformentioned Dutch peer, Breda peer and label mate Dannic is the next homegrown talent to take on the chainsaw master. Taking an inherently Progressive approach to his remix, the young Dutch producer leads with strong melodies and potent leads for this peak time take on ‘The Bottle Song’.

Dannic Remix

Returning back to the Netherlands for the final extension of R3hab’s popular outing, Netherlands heavy-stepper D-Wayne signals the finale of the remix package with a notably boisterous take on the track. Transitioning lucidly from the originals melodic build, the young Dim Mak approved mogul drives a sturdy dose of low-end Electro fuel into the equation that grinds and peaks in all the right places.

D-Wayne Remix

Words by Dan Carter

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  • darth & vaders remix is definitely my favorite, the rest are decent

  • nothing for my taste..
    it seems these commercial tracks are made without emotion these days..

  • @wurl totally agree. i also like dannic’s remix too.

  • @Max how is this commercial?

  • seems like dannic was the only one which actually tried to do something else with the stems rather than just some ”chainsaw” batshit

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