Apart they are two of Russia’s most exciting House assets to date, but the collaborative efforts of Swanky Tunes and Hard Rock Sofa remain an unstoppable mark among their country’s promising contributions to Electronic Dance music. Boasting both solo and unified offerings for Axtone, Size, Doorn and Spinnin, their consistent output of expertly executed anthems acts as a strong indicator that in the realms of heavy footed Electro House, this overcrowded production outfit can do little wrong.

Showing off their dexterity for the coarser side of the club fuel, their latest collaborative outing sits somewhat reminiscent of a modern take on German Electro legend Roman Flugel’s ‘Geht’s Noch’. Dealing in ferocious leads and leaping from emotively charged melodies to a fatal blast of adrenaline fuelled Electro House, the gritty chugging energy of ‘The End’ is as unpretentious of an anthem as any self respecting Electro addict could ask for, marking a sterling extension of this Russian collectives stronghold on European Dance music.

‘The Edge’ is set to be released on May 28th via Afrojack’s Wall Recordings.

Words by Dan Carter

17 Comments to “Preview: Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa – The Edge [Wall]”

  • Massssiiiiiveee!


  • it’s already out, and in a better version too!



  • Released years ago already ;)


  • Hmm sounds like Geht’s Noch indeed just like Feedback sounded like daft punk’s rolling and scratching imo

  • It’s like a mashup between Steve Angellos take on Geht’s Noch and Antidote, I like it though!

  • It also has a lot of Quasar on it.

  • People on the Youtube video are fools, how in the god damn world does it sound like Antidote?

  • Sounds like Roman Flügel – Get’s Noch (Steve Angello Remix)

  • why is everyone commenting that it sounds like geht noch when you can read that in the description

  • @canuck listen at 00.22, 00.24, 00.26 and so on.. they use a extremely similar bass wob, almost identical.. :D

  • @Canuck: Couldn’t agree more. Completely different instrumentation and melody.

  • yo brah, even tho it’s in the comments of the video, i’ll post that it’s similar to Geht’s Noch just cause I think I know something about electronic music…..


  • a lot electronic music are similar these days, but i think the production is good.
    i like it

  • Geht’s Noch?

  • Ah! Afrojacks Wall is a sub label of Spinnin…. never got that right before…

  • awesome

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