Often found leading the way for the more commercial beats amid France’s ever growing DJ export, Antoine Clamaran returns to the heavier-set realms of EDM, teaming up with Parisians David Esse and Grace Kim for ‘Eclypse’.

Representing Clamaran’s now widely acknowledged Pool e Music label group, ‘Eclypse’ sees the three Frenchmen blend highly pitched synths with a dark and heavily throbbing beat for something of cornerstone on their behalves. Despite at times being a tad cheesy in its quite common interludes, the response from the crowd at Inox Festival in Toulouse this past weekend suggests that the three Frenchmen’s latest offering is quite possibly their hottest contender to emerge this year.

Antoine Clamaran, David Esse & Grace Kim – Eclypse – Beatport Link
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  • The cover looks like an Axtone release :)

  • Am I the only one seeing the Half-Life sign? :D

  • no you’re not topic ^^

  • furu-dum-dum-tss!

  • At first i thought it would be an Axtone release :D

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