Returning to Roger Sanchez’ Stealth Records following up the release of ‘French Rules‘, Sebastien Drums combines forces with Liverpool duo Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala for ‘Here I Come’. Where both Drums and the two Brits are mainly recognized by their more synth-laden offerings, ‘Here I Come’ sees the three wander a bit outside of their comfort zone for a considerably heavier production, also featuring Dutch vocalist Mitch Crown. Combining Crown’s characteristic voice and emotive chords with robust and distorted electro house, this French-British trio continues to make headway with this solid contribution to the ever-expanding industry of electronic dance music.

‘Here I Come’ will be released on June 19th.

Sebastian Drums, Whelan & Di Scala feat. Mitch Crown – Here I Come


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  • Would prefer a dub version or even instrumental but other than that, this is pretty dope.

  • Feet!

  • *sebastiEn drums`?

  • Its Sebastien Drums, for the records he also released ‘Fly Again’ with Mitch Crown on Spinnin Records :)

  • fat!

  • Indeed it is, haha. Wrote it in the text but accidentally wrote with a in the title.

  • Kraftig högerarm

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