If his studio output over the past few years has taught us anything, it is that as far as quality music goes, Michael Woods is quite the perfectionist. But in a bid to provide us with a track far more appropriate for the upcoming summer season than the tough beats he is commonly associated with, Stuart Browne, formerly known as one half of English duo Lay & Browne, teams up with Israel-based Flippers to play further testament to Woods’ A&R skills with their debut on Diffused Music. Given a edit by label head Woods himself, ‘Wild Card’ merges blissful synth lines with robust kicks for a solid tune for the summer on this English-Israeli duo’s behalf.

Stuart Browne & Flippers – Wild Card (Michael Woods Edit) [Diffused Music] – Beatport Link

Stuart Browne & Flippers – Wild Card (Michael Woods Edit)


7 Comments to “Release: Stuart Browne & Flippers – Wild Card (Michael Woods Edit)”

  • like you said very summery song, good job

  • This could just as well have been the Michael Woods remix of Kontiki.

  • kontiki

  • I seriously listened through the whole thing thinking it was Kontiki :D

  • Should be called….Hardwell – Kontiki Vs. Avesta – Arena (Michael Woods Mashup)

  • this has Kontiki written all over it

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