Having racked up an impressive 1,2 million plays on the original since it’s premiere on Pete Tong a few weeks back, Deadmau5’s return to melodic Progressive House for ‘The Veldt‘ may very well be one of his cleverest moves thus far. That being said, the accompanying remix package was never going to be less impressive.

Not a stranger to high-end remix duties, Australia’s very own Tommy Trash returns to Mau5trap Recordings after being featured on Moguai’s recent artist album for his possibly biggest remix to date. Borrowing the original’s unremitting chord progression and up-and-coming vocalist Chris James’ downright divine top line for something of a signature remix on the rapidly rising Aussie’s behalf, Thomas Olsen’s take on ‘The Veldt’ is not one to be compared to the original, but rather seen as an alternative version for clubs and stadiums alike.

The Tommy Trash remix of ‘The Veldt’ will be released on June 24 through Mau5trap.

Update: Official preview added


29 Comments to “Preview: Deadmau5 ft. Chris James – The Veldt (Tommy Trash Remix)”

  • he just killed a masterpiece ….

  • Worst track Tommy have done .. The original mix by Deadmau5 is fuckin’ epic!

  • I really thought this would be huge when i heard the live preview.. but no. It’s shit. He totally killed a masterpiece as @Mick said.

  • much better than the original in my opinion. the original was boring but this is special! good job tommy

  • Wow, why are people whining about killing a masterpiece? The original is NOT a masterpiece, it is incredibly boring. Now you actually have a remix you could play at a club.

  • Probably he didn’t kill a ‘masterpiece’ but the original is much better!

  • idiots whoever call the original a masterpiece it was a flat out boring track. this on the other hand will smash clubs. go tommy.

  • Why is it in dance music always like ”this one is shit, this one is better”? I like both orginal and remix. Original is for chillout time, trash for party.

  • You really shouldn’t compare these tracks, they’re really are two diffrent genres. Tommy trash remix is like a whole new track for me, i think both original and tommys rock though.

  • @ Lance +1

    @ Alex + 1

  • @Alex +1

  • @alex+1

  • I have never been a fan of Tommy Trash, the only song I think is good from him, is Cascade.
    But that’s just my opinion.

    Don’t like it.

  • This is almost as boring as the original mix. It’s a track i could sleep to… And no Sebbe, this is not dirty electro.

  • Not sure how i feel about this one, i both like it and hate it at the same time :D Remixing is a dirty business, one wrong move and you got all the haters ganging up on you. I’m making some music on my own (with Dr Drum because i know nothing :D ) and i can attest how easy it is to ruin a song completely… I think the key part to do a good remix is to identify the ”soul” of the song and work around it, and never try to change it into something its not.

  • i like tommy’s style, but i hate how he re-uses elements of former tracks he did..it’s like recycling where it’s not even needed..in this case he just copy pasted the bassline of his ladi dadi remix..not sure what to think of it

  • The track is great, you haters need to yank your headphones out of your assholes and put them back onto your ears.

    @Henry: thats part of music, every time a producer makes a track he doesn’t compile a completely new arsenal of instruments, he develops a characteristic style, and works off that style. Thats like telling Avicii or Axwell to stop using the M1 Piano, everybody fucking uses it, its a piano. Do rock bands by new guitars every time they make a track?

    @Johan: This track is in no way boring, it would fucking rock a crowd. Either you have never played in front of a live audience or you have shitty speakers, this is a bomb.

    @Lance +1

    @Alex +1

  • You guys are deadmau5 cock suckers this remix is great!

  • Mark: Everybody have their own taste of music. Personally I like progressive more than this.

  • @Victor S.

    You have a great point. Personally I’m starting to like Tommy first now, I didn’t like tracks like The End, Future Folk etc but since then he’s becoming more and more versatile and I’m really starting to dig his style. His Toulouse remix was good, Ladi Dadi was crazy, this is really good even though it’s fairly a copy of Ladi Dadi. But I mean it’s normal for artists to continue with the same style of a previous successful track, even though in most cases it doesn’t work but I’m really digging this one. The original is simply brilliant, but I wouldn’t play it in my sets, but I definitely would play this one.

  • it’s ok, no where near as good as the Ladi Dadi remix though, that shit is fucking fire

  • Hmm, ok track, like the original (track/tommy trash style) better.

  • The original was NOT a masterpiece, it has great chord progression and melody but would other than that wouldn’t rock a club IMO. This will rock clubs. I don’t think it’s Tommy’s best work, but I still think it’s fantastic

  • The original mix is not supposed to rock the clubs, it’s a progressive relaxing track.. you really think an 8 minute track without a decent drop would ever be made to to play in clubs?

    imo this remix is pretty decent for its genre. nothing compared to the original though.

  • Fet!

  • great track! bit too much sidechaining imo, hopefully he’ll fix it before releasing it. love the effect he uses at around 1:10, anyone know what it is??

  • errm if youre a DJ u kno that you couldn’t play the original track at a club..it just wouldn work..tommy just made something that you could actually play and get the ppl moving. The original track might work for deadmau5 cus its his act and obviously ppl would expect something like that! but image you dropping a bomb and get the ppl crazy and then following it up with the original velt? .. i would throw u my shoe!

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