Set against the hysteria of their highly anticipated debut album People of the Night, young blooded Size Records duo Max Vangeli and AN21 appear well poised to take the summer season for all it is worth. But joined by their exceedingly popular mentor and imprint ringmaster Steve Angello, triple threat collaboration ‘H8RS’ sets the precedent for the album high.

Premiered by Pete Tong on his Essential Selection show, the European trio make an affirmative nod towards the uneasy boundaries between Electro and Progressive House. In a stern strike towards the criticism that has followed the prestigious Housemaster since his expansion towards the Swedish House Mafia, Angello and his committed Size peers give a middle-finger salute to the bitter entities in EDM with an affirmative injection of adrenaline fuelled club music of a supreme sound quality. While ditching the more melodic realms that Vangeli and AN21 have become associated with, ‘H8RS’ looks not to cause an uproar, but show that there is something unshakable in the positive energy that all the artists are now mustering within their careers.

Update: ‘H8rs’ is out on May 28 through Size Records

Words by Dan Carter

41 Comments to “Preview: AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. Steve Angello – H8RS [Size]”

  • Hahaha, gay-ass name. Angello can’t take any shit. As soon as you criticize what he does, you’re a hater. Get real instead of faking your mixing and then complaining on your actual fans for giving you shit about it.

  • @oij totally agree with you, his twitter feed is all about haters.

    I really liked Steve Angelo when he was up and coming, but nowdays it’s all about the money.

  • @oij totally agree with you, his twitter feed is all about haters.

    I really liked Steve Angello when he was up and coming, but nowdays it’s all about the money.

  • wtf this track SUCKS as hell …angello is trying to make a super aggressiv track i think but he fails …

  • The beginning is Fuck Me (Third Party Remix)… welcome in the swedish comercial mafia

  • Synthen i breaket påmminer om classic Eurodance synth…..

    inte najs iaf…..

  • Tycker an21 måste fatta att de såklart finns haters när han inte gjort en enda låt själv och ridat på brorsans fame..Istället för att hata på haters kan han väl motbevisa o göra några tunga låtar själv..

    F.ö var detta track verkligen ingen höjdare :(

  • Fuck Me (Third Party Remix) ….

  • H8RS gonna H8

  • snubbe: Du sätter mitt i prick! Äntligen någon som förstår att han är ett skämt. När man tänker efter har väl Steve Angello inte heller gjort något riktigt bra. Knas och Yeah var färdiga låtar. I SHM har det bara varit Axwell som levererat, men de senaste 3-4 är han också ett skämt med sina popiga låtar.

    När det gäller låten så är det bland det sämsta jag hört, hade det varit någon okänd som gjort den hade den avfärdats som skit.

  • No words needed, the track speak for itself…

  • Hur kan man säga att detta är skit ? Människor mår inte riktigt bra.
    Detta är bra skit ! Haters gonna hate.

  • First of all, I’m glad to see something atleast a bit different. But I don’t understand why they have to focus on the negativity as Vincent said on your facebook. It’d be way better to focus on their fans instead. Lastly, the drop is really cool, but too bad its very similar to fuck me third party remix..

  • Istället för att sitta och såga, Gör något bättre själv?

    Om ni nu tycker han är pajas, fortfarande en av ledarna!

  • Seriously, fuck all of you haters

  • Still better than most stuff out there…

  • @Dave, Now that’s actually unfair. I don’t like this track but steve angello has made some incredibly good tracks in the past. Beat my day linked one of them on their facebook just the other day:

    How about monday, tivoli, open your eyes, flonko, valodja, isabel, partouze, 555, be, teasing mr charlie, 49 percent remix, raining down remix, woz not woz and voices??

    The guy is a legend. This track is not his best but saying he’s a joke proves just about how much you actually know about this industry… And for his part in the Swedish House Mafia, all of the tracks they’ve released on their own (except save the world) have been huge club tracks. And all of them have been unique in some way. Ltwb was and is still huge, one was a completely new sound, greyhound as well. Antidote and miami 2 ibiza were not as groundbreaking but still great records. It all comes down to the taste of course, but saying that any of the tracks they have released as shm (except save the world) is mainstream is just flat out wrong.

  • Seriöst, bara för att man inte gilllar låten så är man plötsligt en hater. And that makens no fucking sense!

  • Oij, get your facts straight, the reason why it was premixed was because of the fireworks. For his own safety he had to mix that part in advance so he could step back when they where ignited.

    AS for if he is taking the hater thing to far, i have no knowledge.

  • I have huge respect for Angello and his recruits at Size. However, basicly ripping Fuck Me (Third party Remix) and naming the track haters is just plain stupidity in my opinion. It’s impossible for anyone except Axwell and Ingrosso to value his role in the house mafia, but right now I think they’d do better with Alesso rather than Angello.

  • frankoo +1

    Say what you will about this track but talk shit about steve angello’s past and ima get you ;) The expectations for this track were high and didnt live up to them. Simple as that. Excited about to get story and some of the others released.

    @Dave: so what if knas and yeah were made using samples? I think you’re focusing on the wrong things here. It’s all about simplicity.

    If you don’t believe me, here’s a quote from Einstein ;) ”Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” In most cases that apply, especially for knas and yeah. Lets face it, Knas and Yeah are both great records. I don’t see the harm in Angello making it easy for himself? As long as the result is great, who cares how they were produced? These complaints about him choosing an easy path sounds more like jealousy to me. Just like other producers think Avicii has gotten famous way too fast = jealousy.

    A bit off topic, but when the hell is angello releasing tuesday? That track is immense.

  • @no needed Den dummaste kommentaren jag någonsin skådat

  • @michael Nej, men sättet många framför sina åsikter på är chockande barnsligt. Väldigt ofta det händer att vissa verkligen överdriver bara för sakens skull. Ett ”nej, detta var tyvärr inte för mig” räcker.

    And in english: No, but how many people give their opinions is surprisingly childish. Some people tend to really exaggerate just to actually hate. A ”no, this was unfortunately not a track for me” is enough.

    Have to agree with both ricky and frankoo, steve angello is and has always been a legend. I’ll give him a pass on this one just because he probably wants to spend more time with his new daughter than sitting in the studio producing haha

    Congrats to steve for winter-rose! Now, release tuesday and yeah god damn it! :)

  • ty frankoo +1

    as for the track itself. its sounds ok.. but Im more exited about ”whisper” and ”fresh start”

  • As I thougt, people are SHM-dogs, and think they are best friends. As for me not knowing anything, I really don’t want to argue with teenagers, but I’m sure I know more than most of the new ”houseloving” people who loves pop-house. Soon they will go back to rock, pop or whatever. Im sure they haven’t even heard of Junior Jack, Armand van Helden, Sebastien Leger, Ferrer, Wolf… and Im wouln’t be surprised if same people are the guys who have destroyed classy house places like Ibiza, Miami and so on. I’ve followed SHM from the beginning and they did house before, pophouse now.

    @franko flonko, valodja,partouze, 555, be, woz not woz, ltwb, stwt, antidote, one, get dumb, etc. etc. were all made in collaborations

    tivoli were only good with the walking on a dream bootleg made from another guy

    Isabel (or you mean sidekick – deep fear (phobia mix) is good aswell as monday.

    I know its about taste, but in mine opinion, the guy is a phony. You guys can speak about jelousy as much as you like, in my eyes you guys should grow up.

    Well Knas was a real bomb, Im the first one to admit it. But to keep it simple is one thing, but to rip of the main parts of a tune and release it as an own song….it speaks for itself.

  • Jag tycker låten är helt ok, gillar inte haters conceptet bara:) Steve Angello kan sin grej när det kommer till produktion helt klart. När det kommer till AN21 så skulle han inte ens få spela på en lokalkrog om han inte va Steve’s bror. Undra om han ens vet hur musik produktion går till.

  • Here’s my opinion on it – the reason this People of the Night album has took so long to launch is because their worried about it flopping. An21 says they have produced twenty tracks for this album, but none of them had the commercial appeal to say ‘BUY THIS ALBUM’ – which is they way I think Steve Angello is thinking. With this one, featuring Steve Angello’s name on it – they are basically putting this out there to say this album is coming & it’s going to be the stepping stone for An21 & Max to break out on their own & no longer need Steve to hold their hand. Which is why I’m confused why they have released it with Steve’s name on it.

    Fans of the duo both know of these guys are talented and I’ve seen them live about 4 or 5 times but People of the Night with Tiesto should of been the track that premieres this album – not this one. I also think Fresh Start is going to be the biggest track from the duo off the album as it’s their own production – not a collaboration with Example, Steve Angello, Congorock or Tiesto. Albums should be about more than 10 club anthems, it should be about the artists experimenting with their sound saying this is what we’re all about.

  • @Dave Haha!

    For the record, I’m well over 30 and have been listening to house music since I was 12 years old.. Been following guys like Frankie Knuckles, Kevin Saunderson, Sandy Rivera and more from the very beginning. My favorite producer of all time is Solomun and favorite DJ got to be Carl Cox.

    That being said, I’m just telling it like it is. Steve is a great producer and his discography is testament to just that. The Raining Down remix is extraordinary and was made by Steve alone. That goes for Teasing Mr. Charlie as well. Looking at his past, it’s tough to really argue with his production skills, even though this is not his best.

    Ibiza will always have a place for Fatboy Slim, Simon Dunmore, Felix Da Housecat and other house legends. It would’ve been a boring industry if producers were to release the same tracks they did 10 years ago. There is still great new house music to be found out there, so you just focus on that instead of setting time aside for spreading negativity about

    The SHM project was launched not too long ago so I doubt you’re the only one in that boat.

  • andrewlesse89 well said! Actually, both People Of The Night and Whisper were premiered on Pete Tong last year. I’m also excited to hear the collab with Alesso, should be huge.

    I saw Example tweeting something about Whisper getting released on his album. Does that mean it’s not going to be a part of the People Of The Night album?? @Anton, what do you know about this?

  • frankoo +2

  • @frankoo the first part of my last comment weren’t directed specifically to you. The @frankoo came after the first part. Moreover, I weren’t looking for a who-has-been-liking-house-longer competition, thats just childish, I just answered some comment about me knowing nothing about house. In fact, I think that some of the oldies are crap aswell.

    As for Steve Angello, The Raining Down remix as well as teasing mr charlie comes down to taste, (as well as all other tunes, i know), but in my opinion hes has only done 2-3 decent good quality tunes done thoroughly by himself, and thats why he is overrated in my opinion. Believe me I find loads of good housemusic, so that isn’t a problem and shouldn’t keep me away from critisizing. A song/producer/dj can be a bomb for some while it’s shit for other and thats how its going to be and thank God for that!

    As for SHM I don’t mean the guys as a group. I meant the past of all individuals incl. Prydz (who thankfully didn’t go on the pop road!).

  • This comment field is just too funny.

  • Guys if you would have been using your time and energy making tunes, starting a record label or whatever instead of arguing here, you would have been bigger than Steve, AN21 and Max all together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kthxbye.

  • @Dave

    You say all those tracks were made in collaborations, but the ones with AN21, Steve did all the work since his little brother doesn’t know shit about producing which is why you’ll never find an AN21 track or remix without Max Vangelli (who does all the work) or anyone else. As of Isabel, it was released before Sidekick – Deep Fear so check your facts…

  • And may I add, the parts from Knas were from a Vengeance House pack which, if bought, is completely legal to use and sell since the work becomes your property once purchased. Yes he didn’t make it, but you really think he was the only one to spot it? Come on, people are just mad cuz he got the idea to use that sample while others did not. Electronic Music was based on using samples.

  • I really dont get it, they 3 guys, that have satt in studio, and came to a conclusion that this is a good track. I mean .. they have discussed what to put in it and they have all probably said. ”Damn, this sounds good!” Most House, dance or what ever you want to call the ”House music” is turning in to shit. People are just eating it up! so many thing in this song that really dont match! And that Pete Tong plays it and people eats it up is just pissing me off. Like some guy said from G-unit one, ”I make money by just beathing on the track” well steve angello just drops anything and it freakin sells…. fuck it, im out

  • Maybe we get some more h8ers track after this comment field. ;)
    Bad the track suck hard, so i dont want any more.

    AN21, Max Vangeli & Steve Angello, all three is a joke.

  • I dont like the song. IMO they took the best of what is hot/sells & made a record of it. Like Random snubble said ”its not matching” .
    maybe I should here it more often to like it. I tell you later after the festival season how it turned out :)

  • Max Vangeli is a good producer, Angelo & AN21 sucks

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