Now more often found pushing the melodic realms of Progressive House through his formidable Pryda moniker, Eric Prydz lets lose another countdown release from his highly anticipated debut album for Virgin Records that will see the light of day next Monday.

Formerly told to be a remix of Nephew’s version of German pop band Polarkreis 18’s 2008 break-through single ‘Allein Allein’, ‘Allein’ sees the Swedish mastermind return to the melodic stylings we all have come to associate and love about Eric Prydz’s beloved Pryda moniker. Bringing his A-game in regular Pryda fashion, the Swede merges blissful and somewhat soothing chords with the German band’s vibrant top line and grinding bass for one of the more prominent gems off the forthcoming triple CD album.

Pryda – Allein [Virgin] – Beatport Link


12 Comments to “Release: Pryda – Allein [Virgin]”

  • Why the fuck is he releasing the tracks from the album? It’s more fun just waiting for the actual albumrelease..

  • Leri, it’s called promotion ;) My favorite from the album, no doubt !


  • @yrsa, Yeah I know, but still. It’s more fun having to wait :)

  • link doesn’t work

  • The Beatport link? It does for me.

  • maybe this link doesn’t work in my country…

  • den är så in i helvetes jävla bra

  • Beatport link is territory restricted in the US. at least that’s what it says for me.

  • the link works for me, I live in Russia.
    goddamn how great this track is, Prydz are amazing!

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