Initially premiered at Club Space in Miami a few years back, the Pryda single formerly known as the ‘Space Miami ID’ has now been announced to be called ‘Tijuana’. Originally produced back in 2007 while going through the Arizona desert on the way to Las Vegas for his North America tour, the recent announcement plays testament to that of ‘Tijuana’ possibly seeing its final release soon.

Despite not getting a spot on the “Eric Prydz presents Pryda” album dropping on Monday, the track proves a strong contender for an inclusion on the full-length Eric Prydz artist album coming out this Fall. Set against a backdrop of steady beats and fiery instrumental work, ‘Tijuana’ consistently launches from deep melodic builds to energetic charges for yet another intricate belter to the name of this long serving club icon.

Update: ‘Tijuana’ is available as an exclusive free download only for those who buy the Pryda album.


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  • I doubt we will see a release soon, but it’s fucking good!

  • this has to be Eric Prydz’ year ! SPACE MIAMI FINALLY

  • It’s good but no Pete Tong ID

  • It’s alright but I don’t see what all the fuzz is about? Sounds like the production value of AN21 & Max Vangeli tbh…

  • g says:
    It’s good but no Pete Tong ID

    oh come on, stop it! He’s giving Pryda album with lots of unreleased tracks, artist album later this year, then he makes his own podcast and drops Space Miami ID and you are still complaining?

  • And what’s the source? Where was the confirmation?

  • Yes, finalllllyyyyyyy :D

  • Oakich: You’ll see in 2 days ;)


  • He dropped it in his podcast along with The Gift (EPIC Mix)! Would love to see this one get released soon. One of his best unreleased.

    @David: It is not Bussen. Bussen is a different track.

  • Nvm. Always thought Bussen and Space Miami ID were two different tracks…

  • pretty sick track i must say !

  • Now I can die happy! Zaaank you

  • Fy helv1e vad bra!!!!!!!n!’mmmm11111

  • I’d be surprised if AN21 and Vangeli released something like this one… Happy, but surprised.

  • Bussen and Space Miami ID (Tijuana) are different tracks, yes

  • Wow, such a beautiful track.

    BMD: We want the new layout for the site!! So excited, the site needs a fresher look. :)

  • @Carl then go listen to your shitty AN21 & MaxVangeli

  • Where did you get the info that a full eric prydz artist album is coming out this fall? @beatmyday

  • falilou: Press release – “Now signed to Virgin Records, Eric Prydz has started working on his much anticipated debut artist album (due for release late 2012). However before this, Virgin will be releasing a compilation album of his key productions under the Pryda guise, ‘Eric Prydz presents Pryda’, on May 21st.”

  • TIJUANA is a BONUS FREE TUNE to Download !!!! BUT link you will find ONLY on 1 CD of The ALBUM !!!! Some people already got it….

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