To the vast majority of the globes club minded aficionados, Justin Bieber’s sugary pop musings are the stuff of nightmares. But never scared to extend their flattening Electro fuzz to uncharted territory, Swedish sausage grinders Dada Life follow up their high profile remix of Madonna’s ‘Girl Gone Wild’ with an ambitious take on the teenage heart throb’s latest single ‘Boyfriend’.

While Dada Life still push their signature calling card of heavy-set hallmarks of their now global legacy, the duo make respectable ground for this pop/club transition of controversial properties. Scoring melodically refined progressions alongside the dissected top line of Bieber’s original chart-pleaser, their remix duties reign in as a triumphant extension of the duos daring discography for 2012.

Release date is yet to be announced.

Justin Bieber – Boyfriend (Dada Life Remix)


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  • I feel guilty actually liking this one… Agree with you, an instrumental would be great!!

  • Dub/Instrumental Mix of this would be great, plus one for lollo’s comment !!

  • Okay, this is how the discussion will go down.

    - Some people will just focus on the name involved (Justin Bieber) and might even claim the Mayans predicted this.
    - Some people will claim they just lost respect for Dada Life and are no longer fans of theirs.
    - Some people will realize there actually is something good in this remix and crave for an instrumental edit.

  • Well, that’s every last little bit of respect I had for these two gone. So very very ironic: When I first discovered these two on YouTube, White Noise/Red Meat was the first track I heard, and it was a bit too hard for me. And now this sounds so poppy, so commercial (I’m NEVER one to complain about things that are commercial) compared to their previous sounds. I could even understand Alesso doing it more, because he has a sweeter, softer sound anyway, more melodious, but these two pioneers of the searing, adrenalin infused electro sound, have just really dropped the ball in a serious way on this way. Maximum loss of respect. Such a shame.

  • Trodde ALDRIG jag skulle se ‘Justin Bieber’ i rubriken whatsoEVER på Beat My Day. Men som kommer undan med att den är GRYM och att dom själva är hela det här ‘ni vet inte vad ni har oss’ så det handlar ju inte om penga, utan att vara oberäkneliga.

  • EVEN if this was an instrumental, I’d still say EXACTLY the same thing!!! Why are they copying Fedde Le Grand’s sound from his remix of Paradise? Why have they departed from their original sound to something so poppy? Rolling Stone T-Shirt was garbage, at least the Chuckie one was sick!!!

    DJs: Stick to what you do well, in Dada’s case it was high-energy electro-house, don’t try and make a more softer, progressive house sound just for the sake of it, when you fail at making that kind of music.

  • I think they have done this as a bit of joke… Let’s be honest they are not the most serious pair in the music industry! But thats why I like them, they are hilarious in their YouTube videos! also this song is a bawse so just enjoy the sound :)

  • check out this awesome stevo aoki – turbulence mashup bootleg:

  • I think this one sucks with or without JB’s vocals.

    There’s no deep. There’s no emotion. Sounds like it’s produced in 2 hours.

  • What do you mean the respect is gone? Who cares if it’s a justin bieber song, they make it into a nice dance tune. Sure an instrumental would be nice. But being all angry and stuff is just silly. Serious or not. Dada Life is way serious about their work.

  • Lol @ haters…
    Love this one! Excellent remix!

  • Okey here is the deal.. Dada Life asked their fans on Facebook who they would least likely do a remix of. The majority answered ‘Justin Bieber’. Therefor they did a remix of Justin latest song.
    And if you ask me, this remix is SICK!!! Even the vocals sound great.

  • Not even listening …

  • this not dada goodies, this is just a god high energy bootleg

  • this not dada goodies, this is just a god high energy bootleg
    The song itself is not even that bad though
    this is a song for the haters lol
    Bieber Fever? Nah, DADA FEVER!
    these dudes are funny.

  • It’s not that bad. Is it going to be an official remix?

  • i like it, fuck the haters.

  • @Tom

    Completely wrong… They SAID ”Guess who we are remixing? I’ts no one you would expect ;)

    A lot of people answered ”Justin Bieber” so yeah, they had already accepted the remix request and was working on it at the time.

    kuken att Sverige åkte ut ur VM också…….. blir så jävla lack

  • lol @ ed clowes, has no idea what he’s talking about

  • lol @ ed clowes, has no idea what he’s talking about

    once you say red noise white meat is the first dada track you heard you lose all credibility

  • R.I.P. Dada Life 2006-2012.

  • They’ve remixed lady gaga, madonna and a few others in the past, not sure why so many people are shocked by this

  • Marcus, håller helt med.. De sjabblade bort sig som bara den, nästan så de knappt förtjänade att vinna. Upp och ner hela tiden, ingen stabilitet osv..

    The remix sounds good if you ask me. Not awesome, mostly because of Justin Biebers voice sounds awful, and definitely not bad.

  • @Flow,

    The song I heard first by Dada Life is completely irrelevant to my comment above, they are objective comments about the song, not influenced by any emotion or opinion. It is still a shit song, and only Dada fan boys will disagree. Anyone who knows house understands this fact.

    P.S. I checked my iTunes, first Dada track was their remix of Alex Gopher’s Handguns. I’m sure it’s not as old as the stuff you’ve got, in fact I’m sure you knew their music before they even formed as a duo!

  • @Ed Clowes

    Dada Life was around way before that. I think one of their first tracks was a remix of ”Maskinen” if I’m not mistaking. Later they released original tracks like ”Fun Fun Fun” and ”Happy Hands & Happy feets”

  • It’s hysterical how many haters there are in house these days…they make one track not their style and all the sudden DADA YOU SELLOUTS!!! theres nothing wrong with changing up sound, they’ve been criticized for only making ”DADA” style tunes over and over again. Not one of my favorite dada tunes, but no need for everyone to get all butthurt.


  • Read their motto on Facebook and stop complaining so much each time one of your idols release something you don’t like. There aren’t a lot of artists out there with a flawless discography… Why do you care so much if they remix Beiber? Why do you care so much if SHM produce for Usher? If you get an opportunity to make some money, take it! Everyone’s gotta get by. Stop overthinking everything. They produce for themselves and do whatever the fuck they want to do. Which is why I like them…

  • Wolfgang’s been having a similar problem lately, his fans have been chirping him for making a few prog house tracks even though it’s just him trying something different (because isn’t that what artists are supposed to do?)

    Go over to his facebook and read the post he made a few days ago, that’ll shut the whiners up

  • It’s not the fact that Dada produced for Bieber, of SHM produced for Usher (?? Do you mean Tinie Tempah?) or Wolfgang Gartner is making prog-house, it’s the fact that they are all shit at it!!! Alesso makes decent prog-house, but his big-room sound is SO played out now. Everyone from Tiesto to Thomas Gold are doing big-room prog-house, and it’s SOOOOO boring. Jeremy Olander is the only producer making really good prog-house at the moment.

    Why is it the popular genre? Because it’s got the most radio-friendly sound to it, so everyone triest to make tracks that adhere to the framework. That’s what annoys me, Dada make AMAZING electro tracks, and SHIT prog-house tracks, it’s not their forte. I couldn’t care less it’s Bieber, do a remix for him and make it a crazy electro track and I’ll listen to it till my ears hurt, but don’t do this!!!! This is emotionless, derivative, cheaply produced crap. And no one who actually calls themselves a house/dance music fan can disagree.

  • @ lol

    I meant that was the first Dada tune I got. I really actually couldn’t care less what their first tune was. I don’t need to have a dick measuring contest over who has the most extensive back catalogue of records, since the majority of people on this site will have only been listening to house 2 years tops (not saying that’s a bad thing at all). I don’t know every Dada tune by far, but that does not make me in any way unqualified to give my opinion on this song, since I’ve heard enough to know their style well.

  • Ok, seriously whats happening to EDM !!!!
    first Paris Hilton is gonna go on a tour as a DJ, & now one of the greatest electro house DJs remix for Bieber.

    and we ask ourselves why is it that House music is loosing its soul .

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