Sweden’s Andreas Norberg may not carry the legendary status of some of his homeland House entities, but with his sights solidly set on the vintage soundscope of Electronic music, the young producer has certainly stirred some positive attention. But in a heartfelt extension of his musical stylings, his latest hip-shaking endeavour as Le Tropical sees him don his DAZE EP to the web free of charge.

Stirring the realms of straight-laced House with a funky dexterity, ‘Cruisin’ provides a strong start with potent melodies and infectious sample work from the outset. While ‘On The Beach’ evokes the uplifting and sun kissed properties of chilled yet powerful Ibizan House music, ‘What She Said’ dives into the familiar musical mindset of Jean Jaques Smoothie, providing a satisfying climax of stern Electronica with a modern House undertone to top a truly incredible free EP.


Words by Dan Carter

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  • Really nice!!

  • amazing! perfect for the summer!

  • You guys are very good at discovering new artists with actual talent, this is amazing!

  • this is really hot actually :D

  • F.U.N.K.Y ! I feel sunrays listening to this. Much approved :)

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