Phats and Small’s ‘Turn Around’ remains one of the most distinctive House anthems to have blessed the clubs and airwaves alike for over a decade. But unsatisfied with the instant classic in its purer form, Italian House duo The Cube Guys set out to revisit its unfathomable energy with a 21st century remodel for the approaching summer season.

While the originals unmistakable vocal line was never going to be omitted or desecrated in the processes of remaking this landmark moment in soulful House music for the masses, The Cube Guys respectfully plough an infectious groove-laden backbone into ‘Turn Around’ to give it an unpretentious and ultimately uplifting revamp. Where some previous revisits of instant classics have proven more cringe worthy than awe-inspiring, the daring Italian duo preserve the integrity of Phats and Small’s masterpiece while proving its ongoing resonance within 21st century club music.

Phats & Small vs. The Cube Guys – Turn Around [Ego Music] – Beatport Link

Words by Dan Carter

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