There is a notable trend of European visionaries finding their musical apex amid the hustle and bustle of London. Where Eric Prydz invariably found his musical peak in the aforementioned home from home, Pryda Friends’ second home grown artist Fehrplay seems set to make the same distinct noise with label debut ‘Incognito’.

Leading with the same creative stamina as that of the labels more favoured melodic anthems, the Norwegian newcomer leads with quality over familiarity for his moment of clarity on the global spectrum. Diving erratically through layered leads and atmospheric surges, there is a tactful element of skill to the young producer that wholeheartedly justifies his inauguration to the same space on the airwaves as Sweden’s awoken club visionary turned heavy-set enthusiast of this newfound talent.

‘Incognito’ will be released June 25 on Pryda Friends.

Words by Dan Carter

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