For all of Sweden’s finite Electronic innovators, few can rival the marvel and creative integrity Eric Prydz has stirred for nation and genre alike. But after years of waiting for a full-length outing to emerge, 2012 sees his infamous Prydz moniker collect a three-disc album of exclusive new material while relishing in the wealth of industry defining anthems that his alternative musical personality has conjured over the past decade.

Having already unveiled such emotively charged exclusives as ‘SW4‘ and the Pete Tong approved ‘Allein‘, ”Eric Prydz Presents Pryda” drives home an array of fresh new material for the benefit of those already romanced by his diversely euphoric stylings. From the solid and darting canvas of dancing leads drawn from previously leaked opening track ‘Shadows’, Prydz embarks on a mission to refine his reputation as House music’s more creative club-floor master. Driving deeper into the ambient realms of Electronic music for ‘Beyond 8’, it is the stern ethnic scope of spine-tingling ‘Javlar’ that hits home the transient diversity that the Swedish icon has continued to master. Returning to the more familiar Progressive play of Pryda with ‘Sunburst’, Prydz attempts to encapsulate the energy of the Mediterranean Sea that he viewed from his summer home in Ibiza while recording the track last summer.

‘Hardrock Lausanne’ then encompasses the mood of a vintage sci-fi soundtrack before transitioning to the delicate vocal stylings of Prydz himself for ‘You’. Ahead of a club orientated nod of adoration to the late Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees in a fresh take on his ‘Mighty Love’ collaboration alongside Dukes Of Sluca partner Andreas Postl, Prydz leaves it up to the emotively charged ‘Leja’ to act as a musical nod to his young daughter by the same name. Rounding off disc one with intimate edits of ‘You’ and his beloved club anthem ‘Pjanoo’, Prydz masterfully fuses an array of styles and genres for what has rightfully been the most highly anticipated collection of tracks for the past decade.

For his retrospective mixes that make up the rest of the album, Prydz breaks the vaults of his musical archive to bring an essential instalment of pertinent classics and personal edits, driving on the likes of ‘Miami To Atlanta’ ‘Muranyi’ and ‘The Gift’ right through to such festival favorites as ‘Inspiration’ and ‘M.S.B.O.Y’. Donning three exclusive edits across the two remaining discs and a further bonus free giveaway of ‘Tijuana’ to those obtain the release legally, Prydz manages to fill the accompanying mixes with as much excitement as his groundbreaking new material for what promises to go down as a landmark for the Swedish House icon and his long serving industry alike.

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For those who purchased the album: obtain your free download of ‘Tijuana’ here.

Listen to what Eric Prydz himself has to say about the album and the tracks off disc 1 on Spotify.

Words by Dan Carter

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  • fettfettfett! vart kan man inhandla fysiska plattan?:)

  • A – C L A S S A C T ! ! !

  • I want Beatport exclusive edition !

  • Äntligen! Hoppas fysiska albumet kommer i brevlådan idag

  • Men :( är inte på plattan :/

  • Väntar fortfarande på att skivan ska ramla ner i brevlådan… Årets bästa dag 2012.

  • /Sadface Finns inte på albumet :/

  • great day for dance music :)

  • This is the BEST ALBUM EVER! PR(Y)DA <3

  • If you wan’t ”Tijuana” or ”Space ID” you have to go to this site to download it:

  • Countdown for the full eric prydz album has officially begun!!

  • @Aftermathyo: Not albumworthy IMO. However, it’s better than SW4 and Hardrock Lausanne. Untitled, Moscow ID, Bussen and Welcome would be better options..

  • Anyone but me that thinks the drop at 30 seconds in javlar is the best thing on the album ??

  • Probably just me that think the album is a bit boring…
    And don’t get me wrong cause some of the tracks are brilliant, but most is just pretty plain..

  • @ L.
    why is it boring ? cause there’s no electro and big room in there ?

  • I get sad for people who can’t appreciate electronic music that doesn’t try to rape your ears…

    this is so much better than any big room or electro tunes out there…

  • Crap, now I’m going to have a difficult time appreciating other music…because this my friends is not music…THIS IS ART.

  • yey

  • Have someone tried this via Mac?

    Stops in ”Loading Software” so can´t get the extra tracks :(

  • Just waiting for the CD album then. So much better than almost anything out there…

  • Well, I think that the Ambassadeur ID 3 is more than album worthy. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s on his upcoming album.

  • SW4 is still a big questionmark on the album. If they had to include an electro house track, why not INOX 2009 ID?

    zillion times better than SW4

  • RYMD

  • Not my type tbh, this album is a bit over hyped and boring in my opinion.

  • @canuck. agree! i know this is a genre in house but in my opinion its to boring. Every track sounds the same during the whole song

  • ”Every track sounds the same during the whole song”

    Hahahah, årets citat FAN. Btw, hoppas albumet når ut till den bredare massan (uppenbarligen inte till Janne här ovanför dock…) men så att fler får chansen att uppskatta Prydz mästerverk, vilket i sin tur kanske också hade höjt standarden inom scenen vilket känns väl behövligt.



  • This will be the first album in the EDM/House genre I ever buy.

    Eric Prydz is a fucking legend and the standard his name brings is top notch.

    This is the best day ever.

  • Hahaha ”every track sounds the same during the whole song” BIG FAIL

  • I can’t believe some of the shit I’m reading, unbelievable. Go listen to Afrojack you neanderthals

  • @Marcus Han lyssnade nog 5 sek 3 min in i varje låt…

  • @rtd

    Sorry, but you have no idea what house music is, even less what progressive house is about. Keep on listening to Avicii, Afrojack, Guetta or whatever their names are for the time being, in six months or so you’re go be listening to something else anyway. Maybe one day you’re gonna grow up and appreciate real music made by real musicians….

  • @aldo

    This ”I’m oldschool fuck all of you with an opinion” getting a bit old.

    Can totally see how some people not that deep into house music wont appreciate this as much as other more clubby music out there. Doesn’t take away the greatness in either this or that, it’s just different kinds of music suitable for different occasions and moods

  • @J

    Dude, you should understand why are people some upset about those kind of comments… how the hell can you say the album is boring when it is done by the Master of Progressive House with those goldie IDs that were never released ? It’s absolutely RIDICULOUS and childish, and this is the reason why we are upset.

    Would i ever say that a Stevie Wonder album is boring because it’s not the kind of music i generally listen to ? NO ! Same with Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and so one…

    I’m sorry but that pisses me off.

  • Does someone know when is the complete 3 CD album coming out??

  • Where can I get the physical album?

  • Francis: This is the 3 cd Pryda album.


  • Jesus christ this is amazing. prydz deserves a shitload of brownie points for the many different styles included in this album.

  • @J

    Who said anything about being ”old school”? Please do us all a favour and spare us those bs comments. When you fail to appreciate that this is quality music and drop comments like ”its boring” you’re gonna have to eat some shit from other people!

    And no mate, most of the stuff out there is not house. Not even remotely close. Call it EDM, electronic pop, whatever the f**k you like, but please not house/progressive house…

  • Could someone upload the bonus track?

  • ha anton g you’d like that huh..go buy the fucking album

  • VIRO is completely bugged for me on Spotify. Only me?

  • Easily the best album within it’s genre so far this year. I find it difficult to believe that other artists will make such art that Eric Prydz is delivering at this given time.

  • @aldo

    I’m sorry, I just feel that the silly comments are coming from you. I get the impression that you and some other guys here find yourselves as ”know betters” and are just hating on both more mainstream artists and more mainstream music fans for hatings sake. I mean who are you to define where the line of the house genre is drawn. Why even care. It’s just silly, people appreciate different things simple as that. I however find this album amazing although I miss some tracks, and I’m also a big Avicii fan, whatever.

    I’m not much for arguing on the internet, just wanted that said. Guess I found myself a bit offended by the comments

    Much love both to you, beat my day and all great music here whatever genre

  • One question : why ”SW4″ is only 5:26 on the fisical album and 6:34 on the beatport?

  • @Anton g

    Is a purchase the only way to get Tijuana?

  • nocco: Yep, pretty sure someone will be uploading it illegally online though. But I suggest you to buy the album – it’s worth it!

  • Jag har en fråga,

    Jag har nu fått min Eric Prydz Pryda skiva men när jag ska rippa skivorna i iTunes så verkar jag inte få med Retrospective Mix 1 och 2. Varför då?

    I have a question,

    I’ve now got my Eric Prydz Pryda album but when I rip CDs in iTunes so I do not seem to involve Retrospective Mix 1 and 2. Why is that?

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